Saturday, November 10, 2012

Glorious Saturday

This morning I made French toast for brekkie. I ran out of regular bread, so I used hamburger buns too. After breakfast the girls made Christmas Wish Lists. Pazely, using her ever trusty stapler, attached clippings of toys from a catalog to her paper booklet, labeling each one with bright markers. Zoey opted to use full sentences, describing what she wanted & why she wanted it. She used a glue stick to adhere pictures under her sentences. 
And then it was outside for the two of them: To smash rocks with hammers. 
This activity was inspired by two little boys in Pazely's 3rd grade class at school. They smashed rocks together one day last week & then brought the halves & pieces to class to hand out to everybody. So funny & cute.
As soon as I found them both some protective eye gear, they were on their way to collect little pebbles & stones in the alley behind our house. They plopped on the cement in the backyard & then the smashing began. It makes me chuckle that they think it is SO MUCH FUN. (I just might have to try it with them.)

I heated up some warm drinks for my munchkins: hot cocoa for Pazely, & hot lemonade for Zoey. (Their taste buds could not be more opposite.)  
Later they played downstairs in the playroom/fire place room/family room. (We haven't decided what to call it yet.) Wearing a handmade apron adorned with cupcakes, & a real chef's hat I purchased a long time ago at a kitchen store, Pazely served up some tasty faux treats at her diner. 

And now the girls have lugged the art easel from their crafty closet & are making lovely creative messes.
And Barbies. I heard the word "Barbies".

I love these days when sisters are friends. It doesn't happen all the time. 
This is simply a glorious Saturday.

Have a happy weekend my friends!

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  1. We let our kiddos use hammers to defrost our garage freezer- kept them entertained for hours and made the neighbors envious of our redneck sensibility...


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