Monday, December 10, 2012

DIY: Build Your Own Snowman Kit

I found the idea for a "Build Your Own Snowman Kit" on Pinterest & immediately knew I wanted to make them for all the little people in my life: my own munchkins, + a nephew, a few nieces, & as a gift for each of the girls to give a classmate at their school Christmas party gift exchange.

If you search Pinterest for "build your own snowman kits", you'll see tons of different ways to assemble them.
Following is a collection of where I found all the parts & pieces...
My original inspiration came from The Fickle Pickle.

The DIY for the felt black top hats can be found at Make It Do. These were easier to put together than I thought. If I had time, I would've added cute little flowers to each one. (But I'm on a time crunch due to my last-minute gift making!!)

The carrot noses I saw ranged from carved wooden noses, to pieces formed from clay, to fake plastic carrots. I chose to make them from felt as on The Fickle Pickle, but couldn't find a tutorial with measurements, etc. So, here is a little one I made up:

•Orange felt (you can get 2 carrot noses out of one piece of those inexpensive orange felt rectangles)
•Orange thread
•Sewing machine
•Needle (for hand stitching)
•Wood skewer or small dowel

Fold one side of the felt so that the widest part measures 3 inches. Pin in place.
Sew along the long pinned side with your sewing machine.
Cut out the the triangle piece.
Snip the short edge straight.
Turn inside out. (Use something pointy to help invert the narrow tip.)
Fill with stuffing.
Hand stitch around the opening using a running stitch. Pull tight & stitch shut.
Insert wood skewer or small dowel. (So it's easy to poke into the snowman's face.)

Instead of using black clay or rocks painted black for the eyes & mouth, I came up with a simple method. I glued black pom-poms to the end of bamboo skewers. (Also known as shish kabob skewers.) I loved the idea of using sticks or dowels to easily insert the accessories onto the snowman. First, I cut the skewers (found at grocery stores) to about 4 inches long & then used hot glue to adhere the pom-poms. (I sanded the end of each skewer to remove any sharp or jagged parts.)
Seven total will go in each kit: 2 for the eyes, 5 for the mouth.

I loved the idea Fickle Pickle had about the scarf: instead of buying fleece by the yard, I found a fleece blanket on sale (at Old Navy) & cut that up!  My scarves ended up being 6 " wide x 52" long. I got 8 total scarves from the blanket. (Plus 2 small ones for Zoey & Pazely's American Girl dolls. hee hee!)

To display the buttons in the kit, I hand-sewed 3 large mis-matched buttons onto a big ole tag.

You could really have a lot of fun with the accessories. Add: earrings (large faux ones or made from felt), a bow tie, a neck tie, a mustache, glasses, beads for a necklace, a purse, mittens, a pipe, earmuffs, a princess crown, etc.

Package up your snowman accessories & top off with a tag.
I couldn't find any printable tags for these kits online. So, I made my own & am sharing them with you! I have 2 different styles you can choose from & print yourself!

 I'm hoping the little people will love their prezzies.
Gotta run! I'm shipping these today so they'll make it in time for Christmas.

Happy holiday crafting!


  1. love these, I was thinking of making a kit for my nephew! Now I know how!

  2. ADORABLE! I think I have a couple of little nephews who need a kit like this too- hmmmmmm- I better get crafty!

  3. So cute! I've seen these on Pinterest before and adore them but sadly, it doesn't snow where we live in the South!

  4. Thanks for sharing! Do you know about how much it cost per kit?

    1. Hi Shawna!
      I'm not totally positive, but I'm guessing around $10. Of course that's if you're making it for one. If you buy some of the supplies in bulk to make multiple kits, it can lower your cost of course. Happy crafting!


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