Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DIY: Cinnamon Ornaments

 I first made these ornaments when I was a kid/pre-teen. My Auntie Beth gave my mom the recipe & we made them as gifts one Christmas. I've kept the recipe & make an occasional batch every few years or so.
They smell DELICIOUS. I seriously wish you could smell my house right now. 

The recipe calls for a few ingredients:
•4 oz. (or 1 CUP) cinnamon
• 1 TABLESPOON ground cloves
•1 TABLESPOON ground nutmeg
•3/4 CUP applesauce
•3 TABLESPOONS white glue

You'll also need:
• cookie cutter(s)
•rolling pin
•string/twine/ribbon for hanging

 Combine all the ingredients; work with them until smooth.
Divide into 4 portions.
Roll out 1/4" thick & cut out with cookie cutters.
Make a hole in the top for looping ribbon through.
Dry at room temperature for 1-3 days.
Thread with ribbon.

•The dough will seem super sticky, but just keep mixing & stirring. I used a spatula, which helped to scrape the sides of the bowl & get every bit of dough. The dough eventually formed a ball as I kept smooshing & stirring. 

•As you roll out the dough & work with it, it may begin to dry out if you take too long. So, have fun, but don't take your sweet time. Otherwise you'll notice "cracks" in the surface of the dough.

•The ornaments will shrink a tiny bit as they dry.

•I got fifteen 2 1/2" stars & two small 1 1/2" stars out of my batch. (Most of my stars tended to be slightly thicker than 1/4".) That's just to give you an estimate of how much the recipe makes.

 I plan on making these into ornaments as gift toppers for the girl's teachers.

 We had lots of extras leftover, so I made a garland.

Happy Christmas crafting!


  1. I buy really cheap cinnamon at the grocery store for making ornaments like this. I bought a jar that was twice the size of a normal jar, for cheaper!

  2. wow I totally love these little cookie ornaments, especially the gift toppers... they looks rustic but brilliant!!!
    I've never prepared stuff like these, just spicy biscuits that I always forgot into the owen!
    Have happy holidays

  3. 4 oz. is only a 1/2 cup....do you use a whole cup of cinnamon? or 1/2 cup? i definitely want to try this but want to get it right!

    1. I bought two 2 oz. of cinnamon & it came to a cup. I would go with the cup route!

    2. thanks so much nikki...happy holidays to you and your family! Blessings~~ Regina

  4. I do love these and hope to remember to make them next year! I pinned them, now if only I look at what I pin....

    Happy 2013 - can't wait to see what the year brings you!

    1. Making these now. Your comment describes me to a T!! LOL, Remember to make these! -Kelly

  5. do these last for years? or is there a better recipe for that

    1. The smell should last at least a couple years. But if the scent becomes faint, you can always add a few drops of cinnamon essential oil.

  6. I live in florida, do I have to worry about little creatures wanted to eat these....lol...Just curious

    1. Eek! I never thought about little creatures feasting on these. Hmmm. Well, I know that cinnamon is a natural repellent for some bugs. I have never had a problem, although I do live in the Pacific Northwest. I would think if you wrapped & packaged them away nicely every year, that you'd be safe. Good luck! ;)

  7. Wear gloves! I got blisters and now i can't eat cinnamon anymore.

  8. Can you bake them instead of letting the ornaments air dry for 1-3 days, and if so on what temperature and for how long?

    1. Yes! Just put your oven on a very low temp. I have done that before. Check often & let cool. (Your house will smell so good!)

  9. Thank You! I had my daughter and her cousin make them for Christmas gifts! He made his for his mom and his grandma, and my daughter made hers for her nana. They loved them!!! Yes my house smelled awesome! Thank You again!


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