Monday, December 31, 2012

Week in Review: December 24-30

Last week I...
...survived a quick run to Walmart on Christmas Eve.
...attended a candlelight service.
...played with my kids' new Christmas things. (Namely: spirograph & Little House on the Prairie DVD's.)
...enjoyed a quiet, relaxing Christmas at home with my little family & our friend Randy.
...prepared my first ever Christmas dinner.
...happily watched the pretty snow fall outside.
...caught snowflakes with Pazely.
...took Zoey for a haircut re-do after her daddy failed to get the exact cut that she wanted.
...was surprised when the Mr. came home with a freshly pierced Pazely!
...made banana bread.
...played 1/2 the role of "mean parent" as the Mr. & I are making the girls do practice school work during their winter break.
...stayed up late every night this week & slept in the next morning.
...ate at my favorite local Japanese restaurant in town.
...played Pass-the-Pigs with friends.
...wondered what 2013 will bring me.

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