Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Week in Review: March 19-25

Last week I...
...went on a Color Walk with the girls on the first day of spring.
...eyebombed for the first time.
...found out happy birthday happy mail is on its way to me from Argentina!
...made Taco Salad for Family Night dinner.
...watched Indiana Jones & the Raiders of the Lost Ark.
...cleaned the front porch.
...huddled around a fire pit with my youth group.
...went to the library. (Borrowed a DVD of Man vs. Wild TV episodes.)
...helped Zoey make dinner. (She chose burritos & strawberry smoothies from some cookbooks she borrowed at the library.)
...enjoyed a couple days of sunny warm weather!
...enjoyed having Pazely's first sleepover friend for a night.
...wished my sweet mother a happy birthday.
...helped my kids dress up in last year's Halloween costumes for some fun at Storybook Adventures, an event the library put on with games & ice cream & fun.
...went hunting rodents with my friends. (I shot a rodent in the butt.)
...spent HOURS just starting to organize all the tutorials on my blog.
...hiked around beautiful bluffs in my flip-flips.
...faced my fear of heights. (Still afraid of them.)
...hopped with Susan.
...got an early b-day prezzie!
...made bug catcher necklaces.
...shipped orders.

For a photo play-by-play click HERE.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy First Day of Spring!

To celebrate the first day of spring, I took the girls on a walk after school.
More specifically, a color walk.
There's not a lot of spring happening yet around here, so we decided to find some happy color of our own. We each chose a specific color, then walked around the block with our
own cameras, & started snapping away.
I chose yellow. Zoey chose pink. And Pazely picked green.
It was also a great way for the girls to get some practice in using their cameras.

You can also do this same sort of project by walking around your house or yard. (We did some of that too!)
We created collages using the Mosaic Maker over at Big Huge Labs.

Week in Review: March 12-18

What a super fun week!!!!!!!
The fam & I spent 4 1/2 days in Omah, NE for spring break vacay.
It was pretty much a perfect trip. The weather was awesome. I wore flip-flops almost every day. We didn't have anything planned, we just found something random to do every day. Our trip really wouldn't have been as fun if it hadn't been for my blog friend, Amber, who emailed me all sorts of fun things to do while we were there. (Thanks so much, Amber!! You rock!!!!)

The highlights of the trip for both my girls was getting to go to Hollywood Candy & going on the big slides in Glenn Leahy Mall.
I loved eating out at fun places & getting my first tattoo!
The Mr.'s favorites were yummy restaurants & Old Market/downtown Omaha.

The biggest bummer of the trip was while I was waiting in line to get tickets for the IMAX Sharks 3D movie, they sold out! The girls & I have never seen an IMAX movie & we were TOTALLY pumped up to go. That theater sits 324 for the 3D movie & I was 2 hours early. Not sure what the secret to getting tickets is. Camping out the night before? haha! We decided we would try to find a cool IMAX movie to go to for Pazely's birthday in June.

The day after we got home (yesterday) was so brutal!! I was hoping for a nap all day, but didn't get one. I was non-stop going, going, going: Work in the morning, package up orders, return the rental car, grocery shop (that's an hour & a half round trip drive), pick up the girls from school, help the munchkins with homework, write my column, & head to work again for my 6-midnight shift. I lost count how many times I yawned near the end of my work day. Usually when I get home from that shift, I am wired & have to unwind with some online TV & a cozy sit on the couch. But not last night. I laid my head on the pillow & konked out super fast.

And now, here we are on the first day of spring.
I'm hoping to take the girls for a walk after school today.
Maybe we'll see if we can find tiny glimpses of this new season.
Happy vernal equinox!

Monday, March 19, 2012

My First Unboxing Video

I was asked to be part of the Martha Stewart Mother's Day campaign, sponsored by PLAID.
Check out my unboxing video HERE, to see all the cool stuff I get to play with!
I get to make a Mother's Day gift & I'll be sharing my handmade creation on this blog on April 16th, complete with a tutorial.
Can't wait to play!!

P.S.—Pazely filmed the video. (She did an awesome job!) And I look like poo after getting home from our Omaha trip. But I was too excited & wanted to share the whole "unboxing" experience with you!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Candy & Ink

 We slept in this morning.
And then, I got SOOOOO bummed because we headed out to the IMAX theatre
& found out all the shows for the Sharks 3D movie were SOLD OUT. The girls & I were pumped to go see it. I was 5th in line when they put up the "SOLD OUT" for the last showing. Sadness to the max.
The girls & I have never seen an IMAX movie before. Well, my mom said I did when I was younger, at Disneyworld. But I don't remember.
So we headed over to Hollywood Candy to console ourselves.

We munched on lunch at Jackson Street Tavern. We had bruschetta for an app, & then I ordered a Florentine Melt (a chicken sandwich with tomato & an spinach/artichoke spread) with sweet potato fries. (YUM!!!)
And then, spontaneously, the Mr. spotted a tattoo shop next door to where were eating.

 And I was inked, for the first time.
(The Mr. was sweet enough to snap lots of photos for me.)
I got a tattoo from Bryan at Big Brain Tattoos on Jackson Street in Omaha.
I am so giddy about my ampersand tattoo, I cannot even tell you!!!
The Mr. & I think it's funny that it happens to be spring break. And mommy got a tattoo.
We head back home tomorrow.
I think we're going to go to a church service before we head home though.
Seeing as the Mr. preaches most Sundays (& never gets to sit with me), I think it'll be kinda fun to sit together for once.
As I write, the girls are swimming. I have endured this chlorine smell long enough. My eyeballs are stinging out of my head.
Time to head back to the hotel room for movie time!

Daisy Decals WINNER

Congrats to...
strawberry kid
who is the winner of a decal from the Etsy shop Daisy Decals!

Shoot 'em up.

 Yesterday we spent a big chunk of our afternoon across the street from our hotel at Cabela's. The girls loved seeing all the animals & walking through the aquarium tunnel. And then we found a shooting gallery in the back of the store. Sadly, the token machine was broken & the games didn't accept quarters. But the staff at Cabela's provided us with an endless supply of free tokens! Sweet!!!!

We ate dinner at Cracker Barrel where I enjoyed a plate of corned beef & cabbage. It was delicious!
And of course we couldn't leave without visiting the gift shoppe. The girls spent some of their hard earned cash. (Zoey bought her first sock monkey.)
And our evening couldn't end without a swim in the hotel pool. Of course.
While the girls slept, the Mr. & I caught up on the latest episode of The Voice.
Aaaah...sleep is good.

Friday, March 16, 2012

5 Year Anniversary WINNERS!

Congrats to these 5 winners...

Ann Thielmeyer Mays
Belynda Cleveland
 Nancy Harless Brown
Kaneisha Christofferson
Becky Adkins

You have won a Vintage Button Ring!
Please message me your address & I will send one your way.
Thanks for playing along everyone & helping me celebrate 5 years!!!!!
 My email addy: whimsy-girl [at] hotmail [dot] com

Thursday, March 15, 2012

We've only been here 2 days?

Today we drove around Omaha, seeing North Omaha, South Omaha (Little Mexico), Midtown, Old Town, Downtown. And then we pulled over to scour Glenn Leahy Mall (not shopping) to find this slide that my blog friend Amber told us about. It was AMAZING!! She told us to bring wax paper to go faster down the slide, but we didn't have any. So we looked in the trash & found some. haha! And just an FYI. The slide on the left (if you're looking down the slides) is the faster one. I screamed & scooted my way down. It was so fun! I wished I had a whole roll of wax paper to wrap myself in. HA!

For dinner, we ate at The Cheesecake Factory. Oh. My. Golly. It is so yummy. I think I've only been to a Cheesecake Factory once before, in Scottsdale, AZ before the Mr. & I were married. And I thought it was OK then. But this time, we were all having the most deliciously scrumptious time! We ordered  avocado egg rolls for an app. (Seriously, we all high-fived after we ate them.) For dinner I ate the crispy chicken costoletta. (AMAZING. It was served with a delicious lemon sauce, along with mashed potatoes & asparagus.) Scott had the grilled shrimp & bacon club sandwich, Pazely had mini corndogs (they were cute, like corndog lollipops), & Zoey had bowtie pasta with meat sauce. The funniest thing was after dessert (slices of Hershey Chocolate Cake Cheesecake & Reese's Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake Cheesecake) the Mr. put his head in his hands & sat there wondering how he was going to get himself out of there. We were SO full! But every bite was delicious.

We all decided The Cheesecake Factory was our favorite place we've eaten so far on our spring break vacay. Well, Pazely said Burger King was her favorite, until she had dessert. Then she changed her mind.
I can't believe we've only been here 2 days.
It seems like we've been here longer.
We are going to bed earlier & earlier each night.
I think tomorrow we might have to take it easy.
Or maybe not.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We heart vacays.

 We shopped.
We swam.
We ate.
We eyebombed.
Do you see that picture with the googly eyes? That's Zoey's first eyebomb! And now I will carry adhesive eyeballs in my purse wherever I go. It makes me giddy thinking of someone looking at that & smiling.
Last summer, the Mr. discovered this shop in Old Market in Omaha. Curbside. He LOVES their tee-shirts. The girls & I popped in with him & were happy to find some lovely handmade items as well. Etsy handmade at that.
And after researching, I found out that Curbside consists of a community of artists. They silkscreen, by hand, onto t-shirts, hoodies, posters, etc. You can visit Curbside HERE. Be sure to check out the ARTIST BIO'S & the ABOUT tab.

 We saw knitted slouch hats (which Zoey chose to wear like a beret!), prints, fun hair accessories & jewelry from Rachel O's on Etsy.
 This is our loot: Zoey chose a tatted yellow cuff bracelet, Pazely & I each picked out a bowtie hair bow, & I HAD to have this yellow tatted heart necklace. Check out her shop HERE.
We also saw some unique wire wrapped jewelry from ashes and cole. It was just plain fun to support handmade artists.
Around the corner was a flower market. Whenever I'm traveling, no matter where I'm at, I swoon at two things: flower markets & bakeries. I don't know why that is. It just is.
 We ate lunch at Upstream Brewing Company for lunch.
There were playing cards all over the ceiling. A magician visits there every Tuesay & Thursday night & "magically" gets the cards up there in his tricks.
When the Mr. & I were dating we played this game called "Who has the longest french fry?" We made it up. And now we play it with the girls. Whenever we're out eating, someone always asks, "Who has the longest french fry?" Whoever has the longest one, wins. Sometimes we hide two fries between our fingers, making them connect, looking like one super duper long fry. To cheat & be silly. We are simple minded. And easy to amuse.

The hotel swimming pool continues to be the girls' favorite activity. But, from the looks of this picture, I think they were in the water too long. The chlorine musta been getting to their little noggins. Those are a pair of goofballs right there. Oh, & Zoey totally got that move from the Mr.
We're hitting the hotel beds a bit early tonight.
The long days of fun combined with little sleep are making cranky monsters of us.
And the light of the laptop is waking up my neighbor.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Somewhere in the middle of America.

We made it to Omaha!
And I'm tired!
Not only did we spring forward for Daylight Savings Time on Sunday, but today we also sprang forward due to changing time zones. Double springing. Not sure that's safe.

The girls were the absolute BEST on the trip! I told them that they would get a prize every hour on the hour on this trip. (A total of 7 hours.) I was inspired by a similar idea (using envelopes filled with goodies) found on THIS blog. It really made the time pass quickly. And the girls would get so excited & start counting down as it neared prize time. It made them anticipate the next, & the next, & the next...

One thing that kept them quite entertained was a small container of Crayola brand Model Magic clay. It doesn't crumble like play-doh so I didn't have to worry about a mess. And it's so squishy & fun to play with!

In the evening hours of our trip, I unveiled new movies on the hour: Coraline (not a new movie, but one Zoey has been LONGING to have) & Happy Feet 2! Portable DVD player to the rescue! I used to think those things were so evil. How judgemental I was. I now believe they are one of the best inventions. Ever. Mostly.

I also purchased glow sticks for the sunless portion of our trip. 

And we counted license plates from 17 different states. (Including Washington & Connecticut & Mississippi.)
We saw so many deer in fields along the way. And baby cows. And clusters of birds flying in crazy patterns. We ate at McDonald's where the girls opted for the Transformer toys rather than the "dumb" My Little Ponies. (haha!) Seriously, they don't "do" anything. They just stand there. Oh, you can comb their tiny colorful hairs.

We also played a game during one of the hourly prizes. (Which was planned around snacktime.)  I got the idea from that same link mentioned earlier, on the blog "Kara's Creative Place". I gave everyone a bag of m&m's. You had to guess how many candies were inside your package & then predict the number of each color. Then, you opened up your candy & counted out how many were REALLY inside. Of course Kara did a much nicer job with a printed form & everything. (We also opted for the regular sized bag of m&m's & not the mini's.)
There were also magazines to read & coloring books to color. (And googly eyes! Did you look up "eyebombing" yet? Well, I'll help you out. I can't wait to show THIS to the girls tomorrow. And, yes, we will be attacking Omaha with googly eyes & trying to document it.)

On our last pit stop before making it to our destination, we stopped at a convenience store &, while the Mr. was filling the car with gas, the girls changed into jammies & brushed their teeth in the bathroom. 
We pulled into the hotel close to midnight. Giggly girls who hadn't quite got all the wigglies out were trying to get to sleep as best they could.
And now I must rest for a full day of adventuring in the city tomorrow.
Oh, & our rental car has a push button/keyless start. Never driven one like that before!
Just call me Judy Jetson.

spring break or bust!

The Mr. & I are just about to head out the door to pick the littles up from school for the beginning of spring break vacay. (They'll miss one itty bitty day of school!) We're going to Omaha. We went there last summer. It was lots of fun playing in the big city, & we figured there's lots more to see & do!!!
We are excited to get away for some play time!
As you can see, my "Fun Bag" of stuff to do along the way is jam packed. It seems it's mostly full of flip-flops for the girls & I. And my journal. And yummy yarn & knitting needles & notepads & paper & books & movies for the girls: Coraline, which Zoey has seen & is dying to have, & Happy Feet 2!
And snacks.
I've also packed away tiny little things for the girls to have every hour on the hour of our 8 hour journey. Packs of their OWN gum, tiny Lego figurines, googly eyes (because we plan on doing some eyebombing along the way, etc. Things that will keep them happy & entertained! (You'll have to google eyebombing.)
I'll be blogging our adventures along the way!
And facebooking too! http://facebook.com/whimsylove
We're outtie, like a belly button!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Week in Review: March 5-11

Last week I...
...made THIS chicken tortilla soup. (Yummy!!)
...received my Wicked tickets in the mail!
...celebrated 13 years with the Mr.
...ate cake at the lakes.
...was gifted with pretty tulips.
...made waffles for Saturday morning brekkie.
...packaged orders.
...painted 30 nails. (The girls' & mine.)
...watched the girls hop around outside in their swimsuits on a warm day.
...helped with the kidlets class at church on Wednesday.
...watched movies for some family time.
...went to the library.
...posted a giveaway for my 5 year blog AND Etsy anniversary. Click HERE to enter!
...opened the windows for some fresh air for the first time this year.
...ate out at a pizzeria with the Mr. while a sitter watched the girls.
...rather begrudgingly switched my clock forward an hour for DST.
...enjoyed my weekly coffee date with the Mr.
...made Bug Catcher Necklaces with the girls.

Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


When Kati, from the Etsy shop Daisy Decals, contacted me about doing a review & giveaway on my blog, I took a peek at her shop. I fell in love with the vintage decals, which is what the shop specializes in. I've never had a laptop decal, so I thought it'd be the perfect opportunity for me to give them a go.

Not only are these decals perfect for your laptop, but as the shop announcement states,  "...you can use them pretty much anywhere you want. Appliances, windows, mirrors, notebooks...the possibilities are endless." And the prices are very competitive with other handmade decals out there.

The Mr. chose his favorite design: a VW Bus. (I often like to steal away with the Mr.'s computer & find a cozy spot by myself, as in the photo above.) And I chose the retro typewriter. Although, I had a hard time choosing between that, the Viewmaster, the retro camera, retro glasses, & the retro camper. I was definitely having an "I'll have one of each, please." moment.

The Mr. applied the decal to his Dell laptop with ease. (The decals come with detailed instructions about application.)
The decals come in matte black, matte white, gloss dark red, gloss signal yellow, gloss turquoise, gloss lime tree green, & gloss silver.

Wanna win one????
Please visit Daisy Decals by clicking HERE.
Then, come back & leave a comment on this post stating what your favorite decal is.
I'll announce a winner in one week, on Saturday, March 17th.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Tickled pink.

Hang up your heavy coats,
& dust off your bicycles.
Spring is coming...

Catch a bug, keep a treasure.

Bug Catcher/Treasure Keeper Necklaces are now stocked in the shop!
Great for the upcoming spring season!!
The girls & I make these together & they'd like you to know they appreciate your purchases very much.
(Money in their piggybanks & all.)
To view the "WhiMSy love JR." section of the shop, where all these bug catcher necklaces reside,
please click HERE.
(We even take custom color requests!)
Happy Friday!

BOOK REVIEW: Beautiful Oops!

The author, Barney Saltzberg, recently sent me his newest book, Beautiful Oops!, for review on my blog. I was excited to be reviewing a kids book with my girls. I flipped through the book when it arrived & was blown away. Seriously. It inspired ME! My girls loved getting to flip this, pull that, etc. (kind of like an interactive book with a pop-up vibe) while browsing the creative pages.
The idea of Barney's book is that "A mistake is an adventure in creativity, a portal of discovery." It makes you look at what YOU think is a mistake, & turns it into something amazing.
It really makes you step back & gain a new perspective at the things you think are "oopses".
No matter what age you are.
I HIGHLY recommend adding this book to your creative library.
And please check out THIS adorable video of Barney talking to some little munchkins.
(He's SO amazing with kids!)

Thursday, March 8, 2012


I got a bit busy while my 5 year blogging anniversary passed me by.
And next week I celebrate my 5 year Etsy anniversary.
So, I'm doing a 2-in-1 celebration.
(I'm giving away 5 Vintage Button Rings!)
Please hop over to my WhiMSy love facebook page for all the details by clicking HERE.
Thanks for all your comments, purchases, love, emails, support, & attention over the past 5 years. Every single one of you ROCK.
Like, bigtime.

BOOK REVIEW: Welcoming Home Baby

Last year I was sent the book Welcoming Home Baby the Handcrafted Way by Tricia Drake, for review on my blog.
For me, the book presented an interesting concept: using chunky yarns to create knitted pieces for babies. Usually when you think "baby", you think of using delicate yarns & fibers. (And chunky yarns means you'll finish the project in faster time!)
This book has amazing photos, & the projects are all very sweet: blankets, wraps, hats & cocoons.
I'm hoping to be able to knit up a couple of the cocoons for a local photographer friend of mine to use for props in newborn photos.
The book lets you know right away which skill levels you'll need for each knitted creation. As a newbie knitter, I appreciate the detailed instructions, & especially the glossary of abbreviations spelled out for EACH project!

Chunky yarns + sweet little munchkins.
What's not to love??

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Knot

 A customer recently wrote to let me know that she wore one of my Vintage Button Rings at her retro wedding. (It's very tiny in this photo, but she's wearing it! I see it!) Her wedding was featured in the book The Knot Ultimate Wedding Lookbook, which was published in December 2010.

Here's the ring, as pictured in my shop...
*happy sigh*
It's kinda fun to find out what fantastical places my handmade things end up...
(Get your own Vintage Button Rings HERE.)


Yesterday the Mr. & I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary.
I planned the day for us. It was chill & casual & full of togetherness.
I received a special delivery of flowers in the morning. Tulips! Orange & yellow happiness.
We had a coffee date & played the game "Pass the Pigs". Darn it all. I can't beat him at that game.
Then we had a stroll around the grocery store. (Not planned, but a necessary stop. We had to pick up Oreo's you know. We share the day with Oreo's birthday. We turned 13. They turned 100.)
Back at home we pulled out the TV trays & plopped in front of the telly to watch the previous night's "The Voice". (We don't have cable, but enjoy our favorite show by hooking our laptop to the TV, via nbc.com) We munched on enchiladas, & chips with guacamole, while our jaws dropped at some of the battles, especially between Jesse Campbell & Anthony Evans. Wowzers! I even cheered & clapped & screamed when it was all over.

For dessert, we brought a Pepperidge Farm Triple Fudge Cake to the lakes. It was an amazing 70 degrees & gorgeous, even with the wind blowing a little too wildly. After cake, we read letters we had written to each other. It was my most favorite part of the day.

A babysitter arrived in the evening {Pazely: I'm not a "baby"!} so we could go out to dinner. Some friends recommended a restaurant in Alliance, Sam & Louie's Pizzeria. We were NOT disappointed. We ate spinach & artichoke dip for an appetizer, served with toasted garlic bread. The Mr. ordered cheese tortellini, & I ordered a slice of pie with my own toppings: romano & ricotta cheeses, slices of roma tomato, bacon, grilled chicken, pineapple & garlic. It was perfection!!  

We decided we are pretty proud of ourselves for the whole "13" thing.
Happy baker's dozen, Mr.!