Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Impromptu is as impromptu does.

This week the Mr.'s administrative assistant had a birthday.
I got a call one afternoon. 
It was the Mr. 
He didn't realize it was her birthday. 
And so guess who needed to put something together, pronto??
Pastor's wife to the rescue.

I had 45 minutes to run to Walmart, pick up some celebratory ingredients & supplies, rush back home, trying my hardest to obey all traffic laws & slamming my breaks only once when I saw the po-po, prepare a dessert, pick up the girls from school, & get over to the Mr.'s office to begin the festivities. Could I pull it all together? I hoped so.

The girls & I snuck into the church all quiet-like while the Mr. helped us bring everything inside. 
Pazely held the dessert, which was a cream puff tower, lit with candles. Zoey held a handful of party confetti poppers. The Mr., relieved that his crew had come through for him, simply held a big smile on his face. Oh, & the card. He held the card. And I carried my newest toy instrument, a melodica.

While we ascended the stairs to the birthday girl's office, I began to play the "Happy Birthday" song. (Which, by the way, I also learned to play in that frantic 45 minute slot of party prep.) As I played, the girls were supposed to sing. They forgot to sing. So it was an impromptu solo, scattered with the occasional note askew. A misguided melody, but the tune still entirely familiar to listening ears. At least, I hoped so. We began to hear a roar of laughter. It echoed down the hall. We entered the birthday lady's office & there she was, doubled over in laughter, & quite surprised at such a silly band of merrymakers. It wasn't the reaction I was expecting, but I received it with gladness just the same.
I've always been keen on accepting laughter as praise.

Zoey was supposed to pull the party poppers as we all stepped foot over the threshold. But she was a bit timid at the noise they might make. She gained some confidence after a bit of coaching, & some instruction not to point them at the birthday girl's face. Though the timing was all wrong, little miniature bits of brightly colored streamers & confetti were eventually launched & we all had a good giggle. The Mr. tossed the card on the desk. The flaming cream puffs were handed over while wishes were made. We  gathered plates & napkins & dived in for some sweet birthday goodies.

The birthday girl had purposely wanted to keep her "big day" under wraps. She didn't want it to be made into a big deal. (Which I will never understand.) So she wasn't the least bit offended that the Mr. didn't even know it was her birthday. (He's also only been here 6 months, so I'd give him a break too.) Yet she was extremely delighted at us showing up so randomly. The Mr. requested that she take the rest of the day off, but she insisted on staying to work.

Despite the mini-party being thrown together last minute, I decided that a horrible rendition of the Happy Birthday song played on a plastic air piano + cream puffs stacked all high-like & on fire + laughter that just won't stop = a splendid little birthday memory. 
At least, I hope so.


  1. I for one would LOVE it if someone brought me a pile of flaming cream puffs while playing a melodica! Your family is adorable.

  2. I love what you did- people should be celebrated and that doesn't have to mean a Marth Stewart cake and presents! :)

  3. Sounds sweet! You did great in such a short time period!~


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