Monday, January 21, 2013

Week in Review: January 14-20

Last week I...
...stayed still while my 8 year old sketched my face.
...received happy mail in the form of a late Christmas prezzie! (A knitted hat from my Susan friend.)
...cooked dinner for 3 every night while the Mr. was away at his MMA training.
...played with some TTV photography & an iphone.
...knitted at a coffee shop while on a morning date with the Mr. a Play-Doh manicure from the 8 year old.
...ate SO MANY sweets! (Chocolate lava cake, donuts, ice cream cupcakes...)
...enjoyed dinner & games with friends---which included the MOST AMAZING homemade hot fudge over ice cream for dessert. (I'm getting the hot fudge recipe & will be sharing in a later blog post!)
...made yummy white chicken enchiladas for dinner one evening. (It's not a "true" enchilada, but creamy & cheesy & yummy anyway!)
...also made grilled chicken & pineapple quesadillas. (I totally hogged the pineapple! SO YUMMY! And I froze outside over the grill. haha!) Lemony Snicket's "A Series of Unfortunate Events" with Pazely. She is on book 2 & hooked!!
...finished reading "Through the Looking Glass (& what Alice found there)" to the girls. I think I might start reading aloud the Anne of Green Gables series next.

Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.

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  1. you are officially one of the most fun mamas around the block and your child is an evah lovin genius play dough manicure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay for happy weeks full of sweets!


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