Saturday, February 2, 2013

Class Valentines 2013

Cheapest. Valentines. Ever.
In fact, it cost me zero cents since I had all the supplies on hand.
This idea comes from Danyelle over at dandee. 
You can find the friendship bracelet project HERE.
(She also offers that tag in a free PDF to print on your own!)

I learned a really cool double knot technique via youtube, but I thought it it was too time consuming {for me, anyway} to make 41 of these in that way. You see, not only did I want cheap, I wanted quick & easy-peasy. 
So these bracelets are a simple braid. To make the bracelets, I took 3 different colors of embroidery floss & cut them in 2 foot lengths. Hold them end-to-end & then bring both ends together. (You'll have one end that has 6 strands & one end that has a loopy end.) Knot the side with the loopy end. Secure this loopy knotted end under the clippy part of a clipboard. This holds it in place so you can braid. Or, you can slide a large safety pin through the loopy knotted end & then pin it to your jeans while you're sitting down watching a movie or something, braiding away.
When you get to the end of braiding the strands, knot it again & clip the end straight. I left about 1" - 1 1/2" after the knot.

I love the printable tags. Dandee had a super neato scalloped punch for her tags. I used my miniature scallop scissors from ek tools. I used a smaller hole punch in the tags to slide the bracelets through. I had to do a bit of wiggling to get the knots through the holes, but I like how secure they fit.

The girls had fun helping pick out the different color combos. Though Pazely already knew how to braid, Zoey has now officially learned some mad braiding skillz.
We divided the bracelets into a boys pile & a girls pile & my munchkins can't wait to pass 'em out at their party! 


  1. Thanks you for this idea! I'm a preschool teacher, and I've been looking for a non-candy option to give to my class. This is perfect!

    1. Hi Kirsten!
      I'm so glad to be of help!! You should search Danyelle's blog. She has several non-candy {adorable} Valentine ideas! Have fun!!

  2. Super cute idea!! I stumbled upon your blog today, and have really enjoyed reading your posts, so I am now your newest follower. :) Thanks for the inspiration and humor...the story about your van doors cracked me up! (I'm thinking that a flare gun might be in order for you...could be handy in the event you are stranded somewhere really remote - LOL!) Have a great week!
    Becky B.

    1. Hi Becky! I'm super duper excited that you've decided to follow along!
      A flare gun? Why didn't I think of that?!?! Excellent. I will add that to my shopping list.
      Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  3. OK um I've stumbled onto your blog... via pintrest of the soap pouch and now I think I've about 10 entries and you make me laugh! You have great creative ideas and fun easy to follow instructions thanks I'm sure I'll be checking back here again but for now myboys are up from naps and this mommy's. Real is sadly at an end. Thanks for the fun read! -becca in MN

    1. Hi becca in MN!!! Well, I'm so glad you've bounced around & had some giggles! One of my favorite things is to make people laugh.
      Hope to see you around!!


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