Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Handcuffs in the crisper

One of my favorite things is to happen upon toys left mid-play. Call it entertainment. Or call me kooky.
Just recently, after the littles were put to bed, I walked downstairs to turn off the light in the playroom. From the looks of things, there had been some intense play going on. But before I turned out the lights, I took a peek at just how Zoey & Pazely left things.

I began at the giant Barbie house, & this is what I observed...
Barbie is washing dishes at the kitchen sink.
A male doll (not Ken! *gasp*) is reclining on the couch, covered in a crocheted afghan.
The two cats, elephant, dog, & monkey have been fed.
There is a pail full of pies on the balcony.
Stuff is shoved underneath Barbie's bed—just like my own daughters' beds!
A TV is tossed on a sofa chair, like a throw pillow.
A ballerina lies motionless in a grocery cart on the 3rd floor.
The baby, wearing a romper from the 1980's, is eating donuts in the corner of the fitness room.
Two bales of hay sit atop the stairs.
A tropical bird, resting in a men's loafer, sits on a shelf next to the recycling bin in the kitchen.
Thirty-one shoes are piled in the corner of the garage.
I opened the fridge: Barbie's apron was in the crisper drawer, along with a pair of handcuffs & most of the fine china.
A raincoat rests in the crib.
Ken (so there he is!) is lying face down in a horse pasture—wearing a firefighter uniform.
A giraffe is driving the Jeep.
Out back there is a child dressed as a witch playing with her pet turtle & a giant salisbury steak.

You just can't make some of this stuff up.
(Barbie doing dishes?!?! Pfft.)

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  1. Barbie wasn't doing the dishes...oh no, no, no, no! She was soaking her hands with Palmolive like Madge used to before giving herself a nice manicure...


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