Monday, February 11, 2013

vintage doll head pencil toppers

I credit my 10 year old daughter for the inspiration for this idea. I have had a gravy boat full of doll heads in my art studio for a long while now. (What?!? Your gravy boats actually hold gravy?) She picked one up just recently & said, "You could make these into pencil toppers, mom!"
Fab idea! 
The only problem (which was very easy to remedy) is that when I put the doll head onto the pencil, it flopped & twirled around & didn't  stay put. 
The next series of photos will show you how to create a little tube inside the doll head, the perfect size for a pencil—& it'll stay put.

I was lucky enough to find these doll heads at a thrift store. (I think they were intended for the Christmas holiday what with the gold hair & all.) They are a super lightweight, thin plastic.
Other places to look for vintage doll heads would be ebay or Newer heads, of course, can be found at Hobby or Craft stores. (If you know of a resource for these supplies, please leave a comment with a link for other readers.) 
There is a little yard sale/crafty/vintage shop in my town & I remember seeing a whole section of mostly vintage doll parts. If anyone is seriously interested, I could check there for doll heads & list them in my etsy shop. Just let me know!

And this is where the serious fun begins. I pulled every sort of sweet looking ribbon, fabric, tulle, trim, buttons & embellishment I had. Even some old broken jewelry parts.

Since Valentines Day is fast approaching, you could certainly decorate the pencil toppers with that theme in mind. Or not, & just have an adorably vintage pencil accessory fit for all seasons.
Zoey decorated the doll all decked out in pink gingham. We found that little stitched yo-yo's made a perfect looking beret atop the doll's head. Topped with a pom-pom, it's oh-so-sweet.


  1. OK- these are definitely original...I am rather creeped out by plastic doll heads in general, but you did manage to make these more cute that creepy! :0)


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