Wednesday, February 13, 2013

wee knitter

Last night was the first Knitty Night. Oh, man! It was so easy to set up in comparison to all the work that went into Crafty Night. A total of 5 knitters (including my 10 year old Zoey) plopped on couches to chat, sip wassail, knit a few, & relax. (I even got to meet a fellow knitter/Etsy shop owner/local creative momma: Christine, of Pedestrian.) Having that uninterrupted time set aside to do something you enjoy (with others who enjoy the same thing) is HUGE. Finding people with like passions & creativity is always fun. 

And last night something quite cool happened. That picture up top is Pazely at the beginning of Knitty Night. While Zoey quietly & patiently sat down knitting, Pazely was bouncing around the room, channeling the likes of a certain Captain. When I took that picture, she didn't know how to knit. An hour later, she was a girl obsessed with her new talent: knitting.

Before my knitting guests showed up, I sat the munchkin in my lap & showed her the basic stitch & now she is undeniably consumed. I think she has often envied the fact that her older sister knew how to knit & she was left out. I honestly didn't think she'd get the hang of it. But I was very wrong. 

After I got home from Knitty Night, I walked upstairs to tuck her into bed. She was propped up with pillows, holding those size 13 needles & chunky yarn....knitting like a boss. I said, "Pazely, it's time to go to bed." She pleaded: "Please, mom! Just one more row!" I about died laughing. I was surprised how intensely this yarn craft had possessed her. But then I remembered my first days of knitting–just 2 years ago. I couldn't stop. My housework was pushed to the wayside. Way, way to the wayside. I couldn't get enough of it. And I didn't even own a pair of knitting needles yet! I used pencils. And then chopsticks. 

Pazely had even carved out a clean spot on her cluttered bookshelf especially for her knitting work-in-progress. As she handed over her yarn & needles, she began telling me, "When I come home from school tomorrow, I'm going to do all my chores real fast, so I can knit."

Even this morning, she raced through all her "get ready for school" duties: bathing, dressing, making bed, eating breakfast, brushing teeth, & combing hair, so she could cozy on the couch & continue knitting. Zoey also joined her sister. There they sat, racing to see who could knit the fastest. The Mr. walked by & said, "Hey, you are all yarning!!"
"It's not called 'yarning' dad! It's called knitting!" said Pazely, giggling.

Before she walked out the door, where the Mr. was in the van waiting to drive the girls to school, she asked if she could have her very own needles & some of my yarn. 

Do you know how amazing it feels to empower a little person with a new skill?
Next stop: yarn bombing with the kidlets.


  1. She picked it up way faster than I did! Ok, so I never did.. hahaha! Can't wait to see the yarn bombing :)

  2. Excellent! How old is she? My daughters want to learn. While one of them is calm and probably could do it, I'm afraid the other would just be using the needles as weaponry! :)

  3. Way to go Pazely! And it rocks that Zoey is into it too! I hope my two will be into knitting too, my oldest is only 6 and we tried once but she was still too much like Pazely's "before" picture. :)


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