Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Week in Review: February 11-17

Last week was a busy one. And pretty much four things consumed me:
Planning Knitty Night.
Planning my church Valentine Dinner Swap. (And all other Valentine related things.)
The Mr.'s birthday.
And company for the weekend.

I am so glad to have that week behind me. And, honestly, I am just now recovering. The Mr. & I have been tired little puppies these last few days. We even traded a morning of sleeping in so the other one could get up  early, help the girls get ready for school & then drive them there. Although, it does make me feel horrible when I wake up & realize the littles didn't get any hugs & kisses from their mommy to start the day.

Last week I ate way too many sweets, went crazy ordering fresh meat at the market (my fridge & freezer have never looked happier!), got to play with my Fuji Instax, sampled salsas on the Mr's birthday (his favorite snack), knitted with friends (new & old), hung one hundred & ten 3-D paper hearts (from a tute by How About Orange), read & read & read to the girls, surprised the Mr. with food from his favorite Mexican restaurant (Tacos Mexico, which is nearly 200 miles away),  had a lunch date with my kids at school (chicken patty sandwiches & chocolate milk), taught my 8 year old to knit, baked lemon bars, & tried my best to keep the stress of the week at a minimum.

Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.

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