Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I didn't remember until I was just finishing breakfast prep for the girls this morning: Today is my anniversary. As the Mr. was strolling past me in the kitchen to help with the laundry, I stared at him, a little surprised at my forgetfulness. "Happy Anniversary," I uttered. He responded with the most jolly, "Happy Anniversary!" as if he knew all along. He didn't remember either. I know he didn't.

As the girls were eating their breakfast, I asked "Do you know how long mommy & daddy have been married?" 
Pazely squealed: "Forty-two years!!"
"What?" I said, "We aren't even forty-two years old."
I gave them a riddle. "To find out how long we've been married, add Zoey's age (10) PLUS Pazely's age (8) and THEN subtract that by the number 4."
They started yelling out answers:
Me: "What?"
Me: "No!"
Me: *slaps forehead*

Despite the fact that my 3rd & 4th grader need to revisit the basics of 1st grade mathematics, the answer to the riddle is 14. The Mr. & I have been married for 14 years.

This year our anniversary falls on a Wednesday. It's a regular work day. Busy & such. We have church tonight. And the girls get out of school early today. At breakfast Zoey stated the obvious to me: "You get Pazely & I for most of the day mom!" Which means there's probably not much time for proper anniversary celebration. Pazely replied, "You can always put Zoey & I in our rooms so you & daddy can be alone."
Just to see what she'd say, I asked, "What would daddy & I do ALONE??"
I turned to see her make a pucker face & listened as she made loud kissy noises.
Zoey looked at her sister & said, "You're gross."

After the Mr. handed me a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses this afternoon, we had a nice little lunch at our favorite place in town, Gracie Mae's Bakery & Cafe. I got my usual chicken panini & the Mr. got the Cuban.
Earlier in the day the Mr. had thrown his arm up in the air, gave a fist pump, & said, "We did it!"
Seriously, I not only look at our annivesary as a celebration, but as a "We have overcome!" moment.
"We didn't give up!"
"We have made it this far!"

Marriage. Is. Hard. Work.
And anniversaries are a chance for the Mr. & I to give ourselves


  1. Happy 14 Years! Awesome achievement! ;) I agree, Marriage. Is. Hard. Freaking. Work. ! LOL!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Something definitely to pat yourselves on the back about. Quite an accomplishment these days. Congrats to you both for working so hard. Happily married is something to be proud of. We will celebrate 19 years this year and it is crazy. I will also be 42 years old this year. Even crazier!

  3. Happy Anniversary to you!
    Happy Anniversary to you!
    Fourteen years together rocks- wow!
    I wish you many more years together...

    (Man, I REALLY wanted that to rhyme, but it didn't, but I really do wish you both the best...)

  4. Happy Anniversary to you! greetings from italy!


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