Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lunch Notes: Choose Your Own Adventure

I have recently introduced my girls to those "Choose Your Own Adventure" books that I LOVED as a kid. In fact, last night while I was in the kitchen doing kitchen-y stuff, Pazely sat at the dining table & read one of those books to me, letting ME choose my own adventure. At one point I had the option to join a tribe, be their leader & help free them from the oppressive ruler of the land, OR decline the tribe's offer to be leader &, instead, escape from the island. I told Pazely, "Well, I'm gonna miss you & Zoey, but I feel that the right thing to do is to become the leader of the tribe." She said, "Mo-ooom! It's not real." (Haha!) In the end of the story, I was thrown in a dungeon where the oppressive ruler contemplated my fate. 

Anyway, it got me thinking this morning: Why not make a "Choose Your Own Adventure" lunch note???
Now, this lunch note idea does take a little thinking & a bit of time. But not much. Seriously, the more silly & nonsense-ical, the better!

When Pazely opens her lunch box today, she'll see a note placed right on top of her food. When she reads it, she'll get to the bottom & have 2 choices. If she chooses the first option, she'll be directed to simply flip the card over & the story continues. (And there it also ends.)

If she chooses the second option, she is directed to look under the container of applesauce, where the story continues. (And there, it also ends.)

You could, of course, let the story go on, giving your lunch eater another option. (Tape another note around their juice bottle, tuck a note in their napkin, adhere a note to the lid of their lunchbox, etc.)  But I kept it simple & brief.  

I'm guessing she'll read both options just for the fun of it. I'm excited to hear how she liked her lunch note today. I am certain she will think it was pretty cool. (And I bet she will be relieved that the adventure she chose was not real.)

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  1. You could also do a story by installments - start it on Monday, give her two choices and let her circle her choice. You see her circled choice when unpacking the lunch box after school and continue the story tomorrow and through the week.

    1. You're such a smarty pants.
      That idea had popped into my head too, but I guess I didn't say it first. :0)
      I only make my kids' lunches once a week, so it prolly wouldn't work as well for me, but what a great idea for the daily lunch packers!!!

    2. Your funny! And yeah, it wouldn't really work for you.


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