Thursday, March 14, 2013

Week in Review: March 4-10

Last week I...
...celebrated my 14th anniversary with the Mr.
...watched 'Wreck It Ralph' with the littles.
...rejoiced when Pazely got a major haircut. (No more tangles! Woohoo!)
...had a sick Zoey home from school one day.
...attempted another Shepherd's Pie. (I don't think I'll ever win. The girls hate peas.)
...played with new iPhone accessories from the Mr. (A new dolly & lens!)
...had SO MUCH FUN making stop-motion foodie Vines!!! (Find me on Vine: Nikki Mans)
...took a 3 hour drive with the fam for the girls' Spring Break to Bridgeport, our last place of residence before moving to North Platte. Had good times hanging with friends! The Mr. also got to preach at our last church while I led worship. to hang with Susan all day Sunday, making a pinhole camera & visiting a friends' ranch. I miss my friend.
...relaxed in a hotel.
...soaked up the lovely atmosphere that is the Western Panhandle of Nebraska. I miss the scenery. I miss seeing the fellas in their hunting/cowboy gear. I miss the small town where everyone knows you when you walk into a store.
...bowled. Almost won. to dine at some favorite eateries while on spring break vacay: Taco's Mexico, & The Wonderful House.

Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.

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