Friday, April 5, 2013


Google Reader is going bye-bye real soon. But fear not! You can follow your favorite blogs on bloglovin'

It's super simple to transfer all your best bloggy reads from Google Reader to bloglovin' in a jiffy.
Here's my profile:
Hope you follow along!

Also, check out the Polka Dot Cottage blog. Lisa lists "8 ways to kiss Google Reader goodbye"
Lots of great tips! 


  1. I've been wondering what I was gonna do when Google Reader passes on (RIP Google Reader). I'd never even heard of blog lovin' so thanks for sharing!

  2. Will or does this have an app?

    1. Good question! I just searched & found an app for my iPhone. Sweet!!!

  3. I have been using it for about a year maybe, it is so great becasue I can go to one place, put them in categories and if it is a heavy time, I still have all the blogs info ! Glad to see others will be going ... my new site is ( hope that is not spamming you !)

    Good blog, I will be following along !


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