Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Week in Review: April 15-21

Last week...
...the girls & I had 3 days without the boys.
...it snowed.
...I found THIS hilarious link. "How Animals Eat Their Food" Have you seen it?
...Zoey got new glasses. She no longer has the large nerd-frames that I love so much. She's so much more sophisticated now with some color & bling!
...I had a stye in my eye.
...I read aloud to the girls more of "Anne of Avonlea".
...I baked 7 1/2 dozen molasses cookies. (It was my turn to deliver goodies to the 30 teachers & staff at the girls' school.)
...the girls went crazy making duct tape creations.
...the Mr. drove me to Cody Park to visit the animals.
...I ate TWICE at my favorite eatery in town: Gracie Mae's Bakery & Cafe. (And found a new favorite salad: The Gracie Mae's.)
...I ate too much ice cream.
...I watched Les Mis.
...the fam had a house & yard full of 19 people for a lovely Sunday afternoon BBQ.
...I played bocce ball.
...I finally organized my creative space in its new locale after Brandon moved in. It's now the family room/playroom/fireplace room/art studio.

Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.

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