Monday, April 29, 2013

Week in Review: April 22-28

Last week...
...our microwave died.
...I walked & walked & walked around the neighborhood. (Trying to work on healthy habits.)
...I Vined.
...I FaceTimed with Susan. (We got to see the results of our paper pinhole camera photographs!)
...I got to hang out with the Mr. by the river, where we bench hopped, enjoying different views & a lovely breeze on a warm-ish afternoon.
...I put my toes in the sand.
...I discovered that peacocks could fly.
...I enjoyed some non-snowy/non-cold days.
...I ate my first soft-serve cone of the season at Cody Park. (The best I've ever tasted!)
...I FINALLY attended Open Mic Night. So sad I hadn't gotten the courage to go sooner. I loved it!! (And I hope to return in 2 weeks with my own material to perform.)
...I received happy mail. (Fruity earrings with googly eyes? Yes, that's happy.)
...I watched my girls make sand castles & find treasures along the bank of the river.
...I drank too many chai frappuccino's. (Wait. Is it possible to drink too many?)

Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.

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