Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Week in Review: April 8-14

The biggest news in the WhiMSy love household is that our family has a new addition. No, not a puppy or even a tiny human child. It's a friend of the Mr. & mine. More specifically, a college friend of the Mr.'s from Phoenix First Pastor's College, Brandon. He's a recent graduate of Teen Challenge & he'll be living with us for at least a year, interning under the Mr. & working alongside our family in ministry. We are excited! It's been 12 years since we've seen each other! That is craziness. 
One of Brandon's passions is singing & worship. So, he'll be joining me on the worship team at church. It is fun to sing with him again. It's been so long. We are going to have lots of fun! 
Another passion of his is cooking. He has gone to culinary school & has professional experience & everything. At our first Family Meeting last week, I volunteered Brandon to take one night of the week to cook dinner, as part of his responsibility to contribute to the family. I am going to have lots of fun with that! I have always dreamed of having a personal chef. And, well, this is a tiny bit of that dream come true. Every Thursday night at least. 

Last week...
...we had snow, which meant we lit the fireplace. And as I sit & write, it is snowing again.

...I went thrifting for the first time in months. (I came home with a mug.)

...I spent time in the kitchen with little Miss Zoey, helping her with her 4th grade marketing project.

...made vintage button rings to donate to Birthmom Buds, an organization that supports birth mothers & pregnant women considering adoption. They have an annual retreat & this is my 2nd time sharing handmade goodies with them. (Doing that kind of stuff feels good!)

...I made Vines. I am obsessed with that iPhone app, & in love with making those 6 second videos. (Almost at 200 followers! Woohoo!)

...I realized, a day late, that April 10th was "National Sibling Day". I never even knew it existed. I had fun wishing all 9 of my siblings a happy day anyway. (9=That's what happens when you're adopted.)

...I watched Pazely laugh in her sleep. For a good minute she was giggling. It was so weird & funny! And, I admit, I got kinda scared. (Is she possessed?) haha! I kept saying, "Pazely! Pazely? What's so funny?" And she kept emitting this crazy non-stop cackle. I wish I could have seen what was in her head right then. I told her about it the next morning & she didn't remember anything.

...I sipped Starbucks while reading aloud to the littles. I downloaded a random "borrowed" book onto Zoey's Kindle & the girls will not let me stop reading it! It's called Celia & the Fairies by Karen McQuestion. Seriously, the girls start growling at me if I put the book down.

...I made the YUMMIEST burgers! (Which Brandon BBQ'd to perfection on the grill.) I mixed a packet of Bleu Cheese powder dressing mix & some BBQ sauce into the ground beef before making the patties. They were so tasty we didn't even need condiments.

Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.

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