Tuesday, May 28, 2013

DIY: Talking Cans

One of my favorite things is to remember the fun from my childhood & then share that with my own kids. Do you remember making a telephone with cans? I sure do. It was actually Zoey's idea to make these & we had so much fun!

The how-to is so simple:
Hammer some holes in 2 cans. (Use large nails or a screwdriver to make the holes.)
Thread some string or yarn through the holes. (We used a large knitting sewing needle to help with that step.)
Tie a knot. (Or 3.)
Pull taut & talk.

Of course you could paint the cans or decorate them with stickers & such. 
But we kept it simple.

We experimented with different lengths & ended up with a string that reached about 28 feet long.
This simple toy has kept my girls entertained for hours.
And no roaming fees? Bonus.


  1. Briliant fin, great photos. Yes I had to do this with my kids at one stage. :-)

  2. Really great idea Nikki! As always. I miss you, my blog friend! Did you know I moved my blog? Anyway, good luck with your move. You practically an expert at this point, right?


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