Monday, May 6, 2013

Week in Review: April 29-May5

I had a super busy week last week. 
I accompanied Zoey's 4th grade class on two different field trips. The kids toured a hydroplant & learned about ground water & surface water & water conservation. It involved a lot of walking & hiking & Zoey had  such an amazing time walking around the hills. I never knew how much she loved that sort of thing. Probably because mommy tries to avoid it at all costs. The highlight of this particular field trip? On the 2 hour round-trip drive, I taught my bus seat buddy to knit! She even went out the next day & bought her own yarn & needles. All the other 4th grade girls were so jealous. *hee! hee!*
The 4th graders also got to have the best tour of Buffalo Bill State Historical Park, & the nearby Prairie Village, learning about prairie life. It was another fantastic {full} afternoon!

I baked cupcakes for Pazely's fake birthday. (With a summer birthday, she gets to share her birthday during the regular school year with her classmates.) I copied Zoey's treats last year: cupcakes in a clear plastic cup, wrapped in clear cellophane bags & tied off with a cute matching spoon & napkin.

I took the girls to a mini carnival one evening. And then the next day we took daddy & Brandon, & ate corndogs & funnel cake. Zoey rode The Zipper with her daddy & screamed the whole time. Her appetite was lost for most of the rest of the afternoon & evening. Poor thing. The horribly ironic thing is that the two of them were the only ones on the ride, so the operators of the ride let them go a little extra longer than normal. She also won a goldfish, which made up for the queasy feelings in her tummy. 

I played records on my new record player! Woohoo! New toy for Nikki!

I watched snowflakes up close as they fell. 

I celebrated 200 followers on Vine. (Find me on Vine: Nikki Mans)

My week ended in a really peaceful & anointed church service, pulled pork in the crockpot for lunch & then an afternoon stay by the river on a perfectly sunny & mildly breezy Sunday + the best soft serve cones on the planet at Cody Park. The girls built sand creations & went canoeing. I played with my cameras & squealed as my feet hit the cold water.

Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.

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