Thursday, May 30, 2013

Week in Review: May 20-26

Last week... 
...I made THIS amazing asparagus + gruyere tart as a side dish with dinner. A few days later I made THIS most amazingly rich & delicious chocolate + salted caramel tart with the leftover phyllo dough.

...I began sparring with the Mr. I'm rocking the pink boxing gloves.

...I packed & packed. All my crafty supplies are boxed up. All except the knitting. (We move in 2 1/2 weeks!)

...I used up some leftover sparklers from last Independence Day. Pazely & I decided to celebrate the beginning of summer break.

...I ate a tiny slice of cake. (Zoey & I couldn't pass up the adorable burger-n-fry cake!)

...I taught the girls how to burn leaves with a magnifying glass. Is that bad? I loved doing that as a kid. Precautions were reinforced of course. Because there was that fire that one time...

...the Mr. introduced the girls to the Star Wars movies. They watched all 6. Ewoks are my fave.

...the girls & I hid in the basement closet when we heard tornado sirens. We have been enjoying very stormy weather all throughout the week. Back to back to back to back lightning & thunder for days.

...I rode a horse carousel.

...Zoey & I made talking cans.

...I crafted! Now that the girls are out of school, I am enjoying a lot more creative time with them. Sadly, it won't last long due to the whole moving thing.

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