Saturday, June 1, 2013

DIY: Deep Fried Oreos

Have you ever eaten a deep fried Oreo?
I had never even heard of such a thing until I moved to Nebraska. The first time I tasted one was last fall. They are so yummy. And so unhealthy. But it's fun to have a decadent treat every once in a while.
And here's how to make your own! They are so easy to make too. Which could be bad.

First, heat up a pot of oil. (I filled a small cooking pot with about 4 inches of oil.) I didn't have a thermometer, but I set the pot on the burner between medium to medium high heat. I've looked online & seen recipes call for the oil to be anywhere between 335 - 375 degrees F. You can test things out to see if the oil is hot enough by dropping in a blob of batter. If the batter bubbles & starts cooking things up, then it's ready. If it's too hot, it will cook the batter so fast & burn it.

Ok, now for the batter. I used 'The Ultimate Pancake' recipe on the back of my Bisquick box.
2 CUPS Bisquick mix
2 teaspoons baking powder
2 TABLESPOONS vegetable oil
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup milk
2 eggs
Mix that all together in a bowl. 

Dip the Oreos in the batter, one at a time, coating every bit of the cookie. Then carefully & quickly drop the cookies in the hot oil. When the cookies have turned dark golden brown on one side, carefully flip them over with a slotted spoon until the other sides gets equally fried. It should take about 30 seconds to cook on each side. That's just an approximate time. It shouldn't take 2 minutes per side, that's all I'm sayin'. Then pick up the cookies, with the spoon, & let them drain on a plate covered in paper towels. 
Dust with powdered sugar & watch them disappear!

This is, SERIOUSLY, a difficult activity to photograph. Everything gets eaten up so quickly.
(This photo was taken as we celebrated a friend's birthday. I made a tower of Deep Fried Oreos.) 
BUT, I do happen to have two Vines to show you. The first is a quick 6-second tutorial. The second is Pazely & I eating the dangerously delicious treats.


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