Thursday, September 5, 2013

great eats

I've recently had some success in the kitchen trying out some delicious new meals & I thought I'd share...

This Quick Chicken Teriyaki from Kraft really is super quick to cook up. It uses Minute Rice, & when you're in a hurry, there's nothing better than a food with "minute" in its name.


The Mr. was craving some Thai food, so I got a little excited when I spotted this slow cooker Thai Peanut Chicken recipe on Pinterest. (I heart my crockpot!!) Before heading to church one Sunday morning, I tossed all the ingredients into the crockpot & it was ready 4-5 hours later! Not a totally healthy dish with all that peanut butter, but oh-so-yummy anyway. I opted to serve it over chow mein noodles. Next time, as per suggestions I read in the recipe's comments, I would add the veggies towards the end of cooking + kick it up in temperature with some ground red pepper.


I recently had a lovely tea & fancy brekkie with my sister, mom & grandmother. I brought a new breakfast casserole dish to share. One that I'd never made before. Don't you love willing guinea pigs? (Who don't necessarily know they're guinea pigs...)
First of all, this dish was EASY to put together: the Canadian bacon, English muffins, & eggs sit together in a bowl overnight.
Secondly, the Hollandaise sauce is out of this world. (I'm keeping the sauce recipe on file for life.)
Thirdly, the ladies couldn't stop raving about it. Even my dad & the Mr. crashed the tea party to have a slice.
(I cut the recipe in half--a serving for 6--& cooked it in a round Corning Ware 1.6 litre dish. The dish was 3" deep & 7.5" in diameter. It was perfection.)


And lastly, don't let this Slim Potato Casserole fool you. Now, I've made some super cheesy fattening hashbrown dishes in my day. And I was a bit skeptical that this particular skinny casserole wouldn't satisfy. But I was pleasantly surprised at how lip smacking it was! It was a hit with the whole fam. The recipe uses greek yogurt, milk & water, instead of the creamy canned soups & heavy sour cream. A healthy & delightful option!

You want to know how superbly delicious I think all these recipes were? I didn't even snap one picture of them. They got eaten up so fast I didn't have time. No time for an Instagram foodie photo?!?! That's some appetizing proof right there.

And, please, feel free to share your favorite dishes, with links, in the comments!
I could always use help making up my weekly menu plan...

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