Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Growing Sprouts In Your Kitchen

I actually grew something & it didn't die. WHAT?! No way.
Yes way.

I am a plant killer. If you are of the Kingdom Plantae, I will kill you. I promise. 

I love to pretend I can grow things. But eventually, those things shrivel, wither & wane. And it makes me very sad.
Someday I envision a landscaped yard of my own: lush trails lined with hedges...rose bushes in every color & scent... a circular garden of herbs & vegetables... butterflies fluttering on wildflowers...
But until then, I will stick to something I KNOW I can grow: sprouts!
A friend in Nebraska showed me how easy it was.
Zoey decided this was a project she'd like to help out with too. Kids will LOVE this!
The steps are very simple.

First, I purchased a mix of sprouts at a local health food store. My particular blend contained radish, mung bean, alfalfa, & red clover sprouting seeds. You can get a mix, or just stick with one sprout. 
But definitely be sure to look for seeds that have been prepared specifically for sprouting, & not seeds meant for growing into mature plants.

Grab yourself a wide-mouthed jar, the jar screw ring, & a piece of mesh window screen that is cut to fit just inside the jar ring. (I believe some health food stores also sell lids/jars made especially for sprouting. But, hey, DIY was cheaper!)
Zoey & I tossed in 1 Tablespoon of the sprout seeds. (This produced about a cup & a half of sprouts.)

Next, cover the sprouts with water. They'll soak overnight.

The next morning dump all the water out & let the jar of sprout seeds drain. My mom had a handy draining rack that fit inside her sink. (This was my handy-dandy friend for the next few days.) If you don't have a drain rack, you can tilt your jar over the edge of your sink, propping it up with some dishcloths. Or something like that.

The next step is all about rinsing the sprouts. 
Each day we filled the jar with water & then immediately dumped the water out, leaving the jar upside down in the sink to drain. (If you notice your sprouts are getting really dry, you can rinse them again.)

Zoey & I woke up every day, so excited to see how the sprouts had grown.

After the 4th day of rinsing, our sprouts were done!

Wash them well.
Sprouts are uber healthy for you. So munch away!

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  1. Very inspiring....thanks. I think I may be the only one that eats them here but always looking for something else to add to my salad. This should be fun.


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