Monday, October 28, 2013

cake postcard

It's a CAKE!
I crafted up two postcards (made from one sponge) & sent one to my Susan friend in Nebraska for her birthday.
They are super fun & easy to make.
Check out the tutorial HERE, from Sandra Denneler. And then, check out Sandra's blog, Project Denneler, where she shares lots of fun projects. (Including even MORE awesome postcards in the form of apple pie, pumpkin pie & cheesecake!!)

TIP: If you decide to make some cake postcards yourself, I found it very helpful, after the sponge was cut, spray painted, & cardboard front attached (for writing message on), to skewer it underneath with two toothpicks & then insert the cake, upright with toothpicks, into a narrow cardboard box before applying caulking. It can stand this way for the long drying process too. (It took mine about 5-7 days to dry.)

My postcard cost $2.40 to mail. It arrived in one piece, undamaged. 


  1. Very cool project. Just when I thought I'd seen everything!

  2. This is brilliant. I just have to try. Thanks for sharing the link. :-)


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