Thursday, November 28, 2013

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Week in Review: November 4-10

On Saturday I went to Custer's Christmas Arts & Crafts show at the TRAC in Pasco with my mother & the girls. The line was so long to get in! It moved pretty quickly though. But then we got inside & it was sooooo crowded. I don't like fighting crowds. And I especially don't like following slow-pokes. So it was just a miserable combo. The littles got whiney. And maybe I did too. So my mom filled our bellies with good things like soda & nachos & Reese's pieces— & then we had happies again. We all left with homemade goodies. I remember going to craft bazaars all the time with my mom when I was younger. We would steal ideas & make our own Christmas gifts for the family. A pair of DIY spies is what we were. 


Biscoff cookie spread. Got it as a prezzie from a friend last week. Have you had this stuff? It is AMAZING! It tastes JUST like the cookies. All smashed up & poured into a glass jar. Glass? I know. This is fancy stuff. (If you don't remember my love for this delicious cookie, see my blog post HERE.) The girls & I enjoyed many a piece of toast smothered in this stuff. The label even suggests eating it straight from the jar. *snorts* Ha! That is so silly of them to say!
*wipes mouth on back of sleeve*


Ok, you know those felt tissue pouches I just posted about? (As seen in my most recent crafty DIY.) Well, on Friday I took several kits to the 4th grade classes at my girls' school as part of their STAR Club. I volunteer on occasion to lead crafts or activities for this 25 minutes of fun the kids have once a week. Let me tell you, the whole occasion was on the verge of complete disaster. I had all the pieces of felt pre-cut. Wise decision. And all the needles pre-threaded for hand-stitching. Brilliant in theory. But those kids needed more help than I could give! First of all, patience was not their virtue. Secondly, whining was. Thirdly, when I'm trying to help someone with the thread that fell off their needle for the 3rd time, & four other people are calling {repeatedly} on me {repeatedly} to do the same thing for them {repeatedly}, I might have gone a little crazy in the brain area. Fourthly, I'd like to address the boys in the group: the girls are mad that you chose all the teddy bears & left them with the silly monster faces.
Twenty-five minutes was definitely not enough time. It was an ambitious project—I can see that now. I just had more faith in those 9 year olds. And why is there always that one kid that goes crazy with the hot glue gun?


So, my exciting news, after having many moments of stress & tears & worry & stuff, is that the family & I are starting a new ministry called GO. The Mr's heart & passion is (& always has been) evangelism & telling people about Jesus. The main focus of the ministry will be to hold festivals in parks, working with local churches. The festivals, all free to the public, will include: food, face painting, bounce houses for the kids, multiple activities for families, performing artists, & the presentation of the gospel. On a smaller scale, I have a heart to make Random Acts of Kindness a way of life. So in the future my dream is to get teams together for "mini" outreaches involving every creative form of giving to, & loving, our local communities. I think it would be the coolest thing on the planet to inspire others to love & to give, sharing the heart of Jesus & what He did for everyone on the cross.
All that stuff means that we are, in fact, NOT moving again. Woohoo!!! We are using the Tri-Cities, WA as base-camp. It's so awesome to think I can call this place "home" for reals. The uncomfortable part is that we are asking family & friends to consider supporting our family, in both prayers & finances, so that we can fulfill our mission of winning as many people to Christ as possible--here, there, anywhere, & everywhere. But I know God will provide for our family. The Mr. has big vision & big desire. And he is running, full-steam ahead to accomplish his dream & what he believes he was born to do. My favorite part? I know that, along the way, I will collect the most amazing stories to share.


 Here's what else I did last week...

...made pistachio torte. And licked the beaters. (All. By. My. Self.)
...shipped the first orders from my Etsy shop since reopening. (It felt awesome!)
...watched a human growth & development video during Parent Preview night at school. Good times. (That last sentence to be read with sarcasm.) some spontaneous time with my 3 nieces. (I love those sillyheads!)
...roasted s'mores & hotdogs & smelled like campfire. (3 of my favorite things.)
...bought a dozen tamales from a sweet lady at church named Rosa. On the way home from church, the fam pulled into a gas station to grab some paper towels. We ate the tamales in our laps, on the way home. Every single one of them. And then we shared the only water bottle we had. (Best. Lunch. Ever.)
...had a prayer walk with some friends, around a local neighborhood that will be the site of a festival in the spring of 2014. 
...made soup for the first time. Tomato basil parmesan. (And it was DElicious.)
...shared Jelly Bellies with the littles. (Buttered popcorn = gag.)
...made wassail for the first time this season. (Makes me all warm & happy inside.)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

DIY: felt tissue pouch

This is a kid-friendly project I came up with, when trying to figure out what to craft with a bunch of 4th graders. Where I have opted to use tacky glue, you can certainly hand stitch if you'd like. And where I have hand-stitched, you can definitely machine-stitch if that's your preference.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Week in Review: October 28-November 3

Last week we finally got to experience a bit of real steady chilly-ish weather in my part of the world. Which makes me happy! I broke out the fall boots for the first time this season. And wore my coat. And my cowl. And my gloves.


I'm knitting up a storm with some new items in the shop. I'm so in love with the little bows. Not to mention that adorable woodgrain wrapping paper. (Which is just contact paper wrapped around brown kraft paper!) And that mustard colored yarn (vintage, purchased at a thrift store in the midwest) is my most favorite in all the land. There's only a tiny bit left in my stash. I might cry when it is all gone. 


The Mr. took the littlest one on her date night this month. He surprised her with an outing to a pottery painting studio. It was the sweetest thing ever that he came up with this idea all on his own. I'm totally impressed. And I hope he keeps those creative date ideas rolling around in his head when it's MY turn for a date with him.


The fam & I took a 3 1/2 hour trip over the mountains on Saturday, to Seattle, to surprise my dad who had surgery in the VA hospital there. I must admit feelings of panic started to creep in, as I recall visiting him there almost 5 years ago when he was battling cancer & having the most horrendous of surgeries & recovery. It chokes me up to just think about it. He is at home recovering & resting now. In fact, I brought my sweet dad, mom & grandmother some homemade tomato, basil + parmesan soup that had been in the crockpot all day. My first attempt at soup-making was a success! Find the recipe HERE. It was so delicious---with all its onion, carrot & celery blended goodness. I also made breadsticks.


I totally disappointed my kids for Halloween this year. We stayed inside, ate fast food, watched The Voice & passed out candy to all the little trick-or-treaters. And some big ones. (I rather enjoyed the relaxing evening.) We didn't even carve our pumpkins. I have seen some adorable pumpkin decorating ideas on Pinterest. Who says I can't carve a pumpkin on, say...November 6th? 


Last week I also...
...discovered a woodpecker eating our house.
...saw a rainbow.
...played Battleship.
...crafted up some personalized plastic plates with the girls, inspired by the movie "Free Birds".
...munched on beef jerky & Nutter Butters (My go-to road trip snacks!)
...giggled every time the Mr. used the word "cinnamons" in place of the word "synonyms". 
...went on a Halloween walk with my friend Jules, complete with stick-on mustaches.
...stumbled across this phrase while doing some research online: Hipster Tea Party. I'm not even sure what that is, but I think I want to go.
...smiled at smoking chimneys nestled in pine-filled mountains.
...laughed as the girls heard "The Fox" song for the first time. (See my instagram for the video!)
...watched my 11 year old give THIS "Get Well" card to her grandpa. So creative & silly, that one.
...enjoyed the 2nd week in a row, visiting & worshiping at Blue Bridge Church in Kennewick. A church in a movie theater? Quite a cool vibe.
...had some long talks, prayers, a brainstorming sesh, & deliberations with the Mr. concerning our family's future. (You might recall my angst in THIS post, relating to our recent circumstances.) We came to some exciting conclusions, which I will be able to share soon.

Friday, November 1, 2013

DIY Movie Fun: 'Free Birds' Hand Turkey Drawing + GIVEAWAY

The girls & I are ready for some silly animated fun. Why? Well, the movie FREE BIRDS arrives in theaters today!
*Insert Mr. Moviefone voice*
"Two turkeys from opposite sides of the tracks must put aside their differences and team up to travel back in time and change the course of history - to get turkey off the holiday menu for good."

 To get into the turkey spirit we crafted up some Free Birds Hand Turkeys. (This ain't your mama's hand turkey.)

Watch this video, as Amy Poehler (funniest. lady. ever.), the voice of "Jenny", shares her own hand turkeys, & a quick tutorial on how to make your own Free Bird hand turkey.

We kicked this project up a notch. Instead of paper plates, we used those real fancy clear plastic ones. Oo-la-la!
And instead of crayons, we used acrylic paints. You don't say? 
You see, THAT way, you can actually use the plates with real food!
SUPPLIES: clear paper plate, black permanent marker, acrylic paints, paintbrushes
The trick to this project is that you'll be painting on the BACK of the plate. Just remember, everything will be in reverse once you flip it over.
The first step is to trace your hand  (ON THE BACK OF THE PLATE) with a black permanent marker. Draw in all your details. (If you make a mistake, you can "erase" the marker using a bit of hand-sanitizer on a napkin or cottonball. Finger nail polish remover also works.)

Then you're going to paint your turkey. Zoey colored the character "Reggie" from the movie. Pazely attempted "Jake", & I tried my hand (haha! get it?) at "Jenny".

When you're ready to paint your name, remember to draw the letters backwards!

You just paint it all in, like a coloring book. I love how the marker keeps the "cartoony" look.

Pazely traced her hand like a mitten to give Jake that "big guy" look.

Here's an example of the BACK...

...& the FRONT. 
Notice the name was painted first, & then the background color painted over that.

Can you imagine how much fun this would be at the Thanksgiving table? 
Personalized plates all around!
The plates are still disposable. The acrylic paint will come off if washed.
Thankfully, this is a quick, easy & fun project.
And I just dig the new way to draw hand turkeys.

Here's some more social media FREE BIRDS fun!
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The prizes??? 
--->Free Birds iPad Mini (Silver, WiFi, 16GB) 
--->Free Birds Backpack
--->Free Birds Crayons 
--->Turkey Hat 
--->Light Up Chick

How do I win???

Simply email a photo of your FREE BIRD hand turkey drawing to: with "FREE BIRDS" in the subject line, OR Instagram a turkey hand drawing using the hashtag #FreeBirdsHandTurkey. You can enter as many times as you’d like with a new photo each time (must be different). You have until November 11th to enter. Winner will be announced on Make and Takes on November 12th. Good luck!

Prizing courtesy of Relativity Media. For more details about the giveaway, visit the Make and Takes blog HERE.

 This post was written in support of Relativity Media, & the movie Free Birds that is out in theaters Friday, November 1st. I was compensated.