Friday, December 20, 2013

KNIT: Trio of Dishcloths

I found this adorable idea for the "We WASH you a Merry Christmas" soap gifts from Darling Doodles.  (Pinterest to the rescue!) I paired it with my handmade dishcloths for an extra special touch. And voila! Happy teacher gifts all ready to go. In fact, I've been a crazy knitting lady these past couple of weeks. Late nights of knitting + early mornings to get kids ready for school = what my 11 year old calls "a cranky mom".  True. But the gifts are all done & made! In fact, the girls are delivering the last of the bunch at school today. Christmas break starts this afternoon. Woohoo! (Which means any more late nights of knitting can be met with a morning of sleeping in. I am loving life right now!)

I've had requests for these patterns, so I thought I'd share the trio that, so far, are my "go to" patterns. 
The instructions are listed below. For a free printable version, click HERE.

This pattern, & the next, were given to me by my grandmother. They were typed out onto a piece of paper, complete with scribbles & notes & check-marks to keep track of rows.

Cast on 15 sts. 

ROW 1---knit 
ROW 2--- K3, YO, K11 (1 st left on needle) TURN 
ROW 3---knit 
ROW 4---K3, YO, K11 (2 sts left on needle) TURN 
ROW 5---knit 
ROW 6---K3, YO, K11 (3 sts left on needle) TURN 
ROW 7---knit 
ROW 8---Bind off 3 sts. K2, YO, K8 (4 sts left on needle) TURN 
ROW 9 ---knit 
ROW 10---K3, YO, K8 (5 sts left on needle) TURN 
ROW 11---knit 
ROW 12---K3, YO, K8 (6 sts left on needle) TURN 
ROW 13---knit 
ROW 14---Bind off 3 sts. K2, YO, K5 (7 sts left on needle) TURN 
ROW 15---knit 
ROW 16---K3, YO, K5 (8 sts left on needle) TURN 
ROW 17---knit 
ROW 18---K3, YO, K5 (9 sts left on needl) TURN 
ROW 19---knit 
ROW 20---Bind off 3 sts. Knit to end. Repeat ROW 1 thru 20 six more times. (Row 1 thru 20 forms one section of dishcloth. Complete dishcloth has 7 total sections.) 
Once completed, bind off & sew ends together.


Cast on 17 sts.
Turn---Slip 1 st, K16 
Turn---Slip 1 st, K14 
Turn---Slip 1 st, K12 
Turn---Slip 1 st, K10 
Turn---Slip 1 st, K8 
Turn---Slip 1 st, K6 
Turn---Slip 1 st, K4 
Turn---Slip 1 st, K2 
Knit 17 sts & repeat 
Makes a total of 12 sections 
Bind off & stitch ends together


I have found there are many different variations on the waffle stitch. This, of course, is just one of the many. This dishcloth looks quite cool in a solid color too. 
I cast on 40 sts, & got a dishcloth approximately 9"x9". But make it whatever size you prefer.

ROW 1---*K1, P2* (repeat from * to *) K1
ROW 2---*P1, K2* (repeat from * to *) P1
ROW 3---Knit
ROW 4---Purl
Repeat ROWS 1-4 until you reach the desired size.

Happy knitting!


  1. Replies
    1. I usually go by what the yarn suggests for these cotton yarns---which I think is an 8 U.S. But as I've been knitting these dishcloths, I think I like the size 7 U.S. better.

  2. Oh, Nikki, thank you for this fabulous post!!!!! I gave gifts like this last year, but didn't have such a cute tag :( and CIRCULAR cloths are blowing my mind!!!

    1. You're very welcome Holly! I have been scouring the internet the past few nights for more circular ones. They are so fun to knit! I found a couple more pretty neato ones. (Trying to squeak out some last-minute gifts!)

  3. Beautiful... I am looking for same cover for my Defense Shower Gel. Should I make it circular or square?

    Plz suggest!


  4. hi, yes nice pattern.....kind of short rows....I will definitly try this one..thanks so much

  5. What yarn did you use for the Waffle stitch dishcloth? I live those colors.

    1. It's from the Sugar 'n Cream brand cotton yarn. But I don't know what the color is called. A multi-colored yarn---isn't it fun?

  6. Thank you! I can't wait to try one--or more!

  7. Love the waffle stitch dishcloth pattern. The yarn is different and so cheerful. Do you remember what yarn you used?

  8. Hi nelcin!
    I love the colors in that dishcloth too! The yarn I used was Lily Sugar & Cream in a color called Batik Ombre.
    Hope that helps!


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