Friday, January 31, 2014

DIY: Matchbox Treasure Keeper Necklace

I'm back at Star Club, (at my girls' elementary school), helping out once a week, & loving crafting with the 4th graders. (Star Club is a reward program for 4th graders, where they get to choose from a variety of different activities & projects every Friday, if they've completed their work for the week & have not had discipline issues.)

This week we made these treasure keeper charm boxes. The original idea, found at Lilly Cakes, was for a Mother's Day Matchbox Locket. I just made the project more flexible for kiddos. They can fill the embellished matchboxes with treasures & keepsakes. So, I take no credit for this SUPER CUTE crafty idea. (Lilly Cakes locket is MAJOR adorbs!) I've had this pinned on a Pinterest board for a very long time & was so excited to actually make it!

I will not write out instructions, so just follow along on Lilly Cakes blog. 
But here are a couple tips...
•The little part that slides in & out of the matchbox? Ours were mostly white, so we didn't bother painting them. Instead, we just stuck a tiny piece of scrapbook paper on the bottom, inside. 
•We used yarn instead of ribbon, to wrap around our necks.

The decorating & embellishing was the best part! The girls went nuts. I forget how much that age love stickers. What am I talking about? I LOVE STICKERS!

I was so impressed by my crafty crew!! I love their creativity & imagination. Even though half of them were talking about boys. Boys? You're 9 & 10 years old.  Whatever. Just pass the glue stick...

Before we even began crafting, one girl told me, "You make the best crafts!" I had to agree with her. (Hey, since when is tooting your own horn a crime?)

You can definitely craft these in a Valentine theme & fill them with treats for your friends!


  1. I definitely have a crafty crush on you... ;0)

  2. What terrific inspiration you found and a wonderful project for those kids who have done well in class.


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