Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year's Day

My friend Julie & I started talking a month (or so) ago about doing The Polar Plunge. (Also called The Polar Bear Plunge. It's basically crazy people jumping into a body of low temp water.)
So we spontaneously found ourselves down by the river on New Year's Day afternoon, with our hubbies + kids + our Tia friend, the photographer. (She didn't want to jump with us! *sad face*)
All the females in our clans jumped. Woohoo!!
Julie's hubby got a video of the whole thing. (I'll post as soon as I get access to it.)

First, Julie's 2 daughters jumped together. Then, Julie & I held hands (so one of us could not escape & change our minds) & jumped in. After that, Julie's oldest daughter came around again & jumped off the dock with my two girls.

I have never felt so cold in all my life. I came up out of the water SCREAMING. Tia (who witnessed & photographed the whole thing from shore) was certain my guttural cry began deep below the surface of the water.

Someone mentioned that, in this picture, I look like one of those people from the shark attack videos. Haha! Meanwhile, Julie was searching for pretty rocks on the bottom of the river. (Not really!)

Still, I'm screaming.
We just wanted to get out of there as fast as we could. The rocks under the water hurt my feet so badly! Ouchie mama!

I cannot tell you how wonderful that tiny towel felt around me. My feet were in so much pain though---until I finally slid them into some fuzzy boots. My knees were freezing, which is weird. And I could NOT stop laughing. I got the giggles, somethin' fierce!

I didn't even realize I jumped in with my glasses, which immediately fogged up. I look like real winner. 

I am so proud of us! What a way to start the new year! Unforgettable, really.
The first & last time I'm ever doing that again. For reals.

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