Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Banana Boats

This treat was a new one to me at Camp Wooten just recently. It was so yummy, I had to share!
I know you can make these over the campfire or even on the grill, but we baked these in an oven set at 350 degrees F.
These are so simple to make! The kids will enjoy helping out too.

The ingredients we used at camp were:
mini marshmallows
mini chocolate chips
Reese's Peanut Butter sauce
BUT, I have no idea where to get that heavenly peanut butter sauce. Like, it was a big ol' tub of magic awesomeness. So, I opted for the Reese's peanut butter chips instead. 

First, slice the top & bottom off of your bananas.
Then, slice it lengthwise, through most of the banana, but not slicing through the peel on the other side.
At camp we placed our bananas inside paper food trays, but at home I just crumpled up some foil to hold the banana in place.

Line your banana boats on a cookie sheet.
Next, cram them full of mini marshmallows & mini chocolate chips. (And the peanut butter chips.) We even purposefully let some fall all around the sides too.

Lastly, drizzle with peanut butter. (If you have it. If not, no biggie.)

Bake until the toppings get all ooey gooey & the skin of the banana is black. It took about 15 minutes. But just keep peeking at it until you notice it's done.
The banana gets all soft & delicious. Just use a spoon to scoop-&-eat!

There are tons of toppings you could add or substitute: drizzle with caramel, sprinkle with butterscotch or white chocolate chips, toss on some nuts. You get the idea.


  1. Mmmm. I think we're making those for a snack this week too! YUM!

  2. Do another little happy dance. I know you like to dance!

  3. Oh these look yum…thanks for sharing the how to. Will have to try these out soon.

  4. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for posting this recipe! Gonna have to try it our SOON!!!

  5. totally trying not to run into the kitchen and rip into every banana and chocolate chip in the joint!


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