Monday, April 14, 2014

Week in Review: April 7-13

Last week was birthday! My mom picked me up in the morning & surprised me with breakfast out with my sister & grandmother, & eventually my dad. In the evening a bunch of us went to Fujiyama for dinner--you know, that place where they cook the food in front of you on the Hibachi grill tables. I'd never been to one before. Though our chef didn't do a lot of crazy tricks (& kept dropping things), it was fun anyway. I don't know if he was sad or drunk or shy, but he didn't wow us like the other chefs around us. The food was REALLY delicious! The Mr. & I shared the steak & shrimp. We finished the night off with some cupcakes (of course!) & a game of Farkel. 

Last week I also...
...prepared a make-yer-own pizza night for dinner.
...made 4 dozen waffles. (I was in the kitchen until almost noon.)
...made Cheerio birdfeeders with the 4th graders for STAR Club.
...baked up some turkey pot pies. (First time making pot pies. A complete success!)
...led worship at a church while the Mr. preached. 
...sipped chai with my mother.
...continued to have little surprises given to me each day by my mother to celebrate my birthday month. (One was given by my dad: he sharpened all my knives!!)
...listened to Zoey & her friend Zoey play the cello & violin together, in preparation for their school concert tomorrow evening. Here's a GIF I made of them. (The "sound" is one of the songs I recorded while they played.)
...started walking the munchkins to school more, now that the weather is getting nice.
...enjoyed some park-time with the fam. We watched a giant paddlewheel boat launch.
...started gathering supplies for impromptu picnics that might pop up. Have you read THIS article by Jerusalem Greer? It's what inspired me to purchase THESE melamine dishes that look like cheapie disposable white plates & bowls. *Squee!*
...donated a trio of my vintage handmade button rings to the Choose Joy Auction on Instagram. The auction supports a family seeking to adopt. Check it out on Instagram April 16-17 with the hashtag #choosejoyauction2014 There will be loads of other handmade goodies up for bid as well!

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