Monday, April 7, 2014

Week in Review: March 31-April 6

Last week was all about spring break. And, though I was a tiny bit sad that we couldn't go on a fun trip...say, to the coast or something...we relished in the lovely days at home. The days were quiet & simple & extremely lazy. We slept in when we could, hit the park almost every day, had bbq's aplenty, & even lit the firepit for the first time this season, cooking dinner over the flames. Oh, while we're on the subject of firepits & roasting things & such: I need THIS sweatshirt. Campfire smell is my fave. I will not shower or wash my hair after a night by the fire. It's just too good a scent to waste. My family thinks I'm nuts. And sometimes smelly.


On the very first day of spring break, the girls got to take part in the tea + brekkie that my grandmother, mother, sister & I plan once-a-month. I made an egg casserole & also threw together some delicious yogurt parfaits in cute little jelly jars. (The 'Mom on Time Out' blog suggests having some already made in the fridge for kids to grab as a quick breakfast in the morning. Fab idea!)


When April rolls around, I always joke about having a birthday MONTH, instead of just a birthDAY. (One day is not enough, right?) 
But, really, I'm not joking. 
My sweet mother is making this concept a reality for me this month. Every day she has been doing sweet things for me, or gifting me with little presents. It has been fun getting surprises! My girls are even starting to ask, "Has Mimi come by yet?" They are just as anxious as I am to see what the next treat will be. Click HERE to see the lovely prizes I've gotten so far. 
I am super spoiled. 


The fam & I got away for an afternoon lunch date to Between the Buns. My Julie friend has been telling me about this place. Crazy gourmet hotdogs. Zoey & I had the MacDaddy Dawg: an all-beef hotdog, wrapped in bacon, & slopped with homemade mac-n-cheese + more bacon on top. DE. LISH. US. Holy moly was it good! Pazely munched on the Waddi Dog: a polish sausage, wrapped in bacon, then smothered with peanut butter & bacon bits, with syrup for dipping on the side. I don't know what Scott had. He ate it so fast. And then he mumbled something about wanting to eat "all the hotdogs".
The staff are super friendly. You can even create your own gourmet hotdog from the toppings + dogs listed. It's just a fun experience & I'm so glad we made a visit. If you're in town, they're on Clearwater Avenue in Kennewick, WA. One of my favorite things is the store hours listed on their door: (They end in "ish".) Check out their facebook page HERE.


Pazely & I had her date day last week. I surprised the munchkin with a new sketchbook. (It makes my heart happy that a 60-page spiral-bound pad of blank paper can satisfy her in such an intense way.) And then we packed our drawing supplies + hot drinks + triple double Oreos (oh my gosh, they're like the Big Mac of the Oreo world) & headed to a swing bench by the river where we proceeded to sketch & people watch. Taking a couple hours every month to do something special with each of our girls is the best decision the Mr. & I ever made.


I'll be donating THIS trio of handmade vintage button rings to the Choose Joy Auction, which is happening from April 16-17 on Instagram. Check out the hashtag: #choosejoyauction2014. There are lots of other lovely handmade items going up for bid as well, all to support a Choose Joy attendee in building their family. 


•With all the spring happy hues popping up, I am desperate to go on a photo color walk. I gotta make that happen this week. 
•I am currently obsessesd with learning "Zombie" by The Cranberries on my ukulele.
•I read a couple fairy tales, from the Brothers Grimm, aloud to the girls. Is it bad that they giggled during the gruesome parts?
•Chubby squirrels are the cutest ever.
•My new favorite tea is the STASH brand Jasmine Blossom. Although, Earl & I will forever be pals.
•P.S. Today is my birthday. *GIANT GRIN*

Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIKKI FROM SICILY!!! Hope you have a day that is just as lovely as you are :) Also, we need to work on a blogger meet up sometime. ;)



  2. Today is my birthday, too! Happy bday from me to you!


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