Friday, May 9, 2014

Week in Review: April 28-May 4

Last week...
...I baked cinnamon & apple scones. Yummy.
...I took Pazely on her monthly date. We made wishes, walked by the river, went thrifting, sipped drinks, & browsed books.
...I watched THIS really cool video about what happened when a photographer came face-to-face with a deadly leopard seal. Have you seen it? It's pretty cool.
...I continued to watch the tomato seedlings sprouting. So exciting! I even planted carrot seeds in random containers outside.
...I played drawing games with my 4th grade STAR Club crew. 
...I passed on the birthday month torch to my sister. So for May, mom & I are gifting her with little things every day to help her celebrate her month.
...I (sadly) started visiting grandmother in the hospital. She fell last week (& broke her hip), after having a stroke---& it's a long road ahead. It's very sad to think that my grandmother will never be the same again. Though she is now paralyzed on her left side, is using minimal percentage of her heart, & can't see very well anymore, she is still a spunky one. I love that lady & have shed so many tears these last 2 weeks.

Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.

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