Thursday, June 12, 2014

School's out. Let's burn stuff.

 First day of summer break. We decided to steal an idea from a friend to commemorate the end of another school season & celebrate the beginning of summer vacation: burn things. Specifically, homework. This may very well be a tradition in the making. The girls had a friend over & she was happy to help the girls toss old school papers in the flames. We added some s'mores to the mix & it immediately became the perfect evening. Funny how chocolate can do that.

I really hope to get into this blogging thing more. Maybe the happy chaos of these summer days will inspire that. When planning for this summer, I thought I might like to get a tight schedule established.  But then I realized I can't do that. I'm not running a boot camp here. There is spontaneity running through these veins of mine & "breakfast at 8:30/outing at 10/lunch at noon/activity at 2" every day might be too intense for me. So I'm attempting a much more loose rhythm. It goes something like this:
Please, children, if you wake up & mommy is sleeping, do NOT wake her. Let her sleep. This is her reward. We will be eating three meals every day. Let's just try to space them apart in semi-equal time slots throughout the day. Play, play, play!! And I will play with you.
Pretty simple.
And, honestly, the girls do have things that need need done: reading, math & music practice every day + chores on Friday. When it gets done, they are free to go do whatever it is their summer-lovin' little hearts want to do.

We are a one-car family, & daddy's current job has him working farther away than we're used to. So, the girls & I will be walking a lot. If the girls decide they want to swim, we'll walk there. If something fun is happening at the library, we'll walk there. If we're craving a cold summer treat at the ice cream shop, we'll walk there. And if I'm not skinny by fall, I'll be super mad. (If we were in a pinch though, I do have access to my parent's vehicle a few blocks away.)

It's my goal to NOT be the Entertainment Director this summer, but rather the Fun Advisor. I've gathered a list of free & almost free things to do with kids, from resources around town, of potentially exciting things to do (i.e. arm knitting), & some maybe not-so-exciting-but-we'll-try-them-anyway type of activities (i.e. a bird banding demonstration). Our calendar is filling up with possibility. 
Adventure awaits.

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  1. You got my interesting going with arm knitting. Bonfire homework burning - a great tradition :)


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