Wednesday, July 23, 2014

DIY: Peel-&-Stick Heart Wall Decor

I realize this project may deem me worthy of a special psychological disorder all my own. And, (dare I admit it?), this idea has been stuck in my head for a while.

Is this project easy? You betcha.
Is it a wee bit time consuming? Yes.
Should you plan to sit & watch a marathon of movies all afternoon & evening while completing this easy, yet time consuming, project? Most definitely. 

Your supplies are few:
contact paper (I'm giddy for the woodgrain.)

I drew a heart template on cardstock. If you're not confident making your own, browse the internet & print one in the size you'd like. Or create a shape using an appropriate computer program of your choosing.

Then, it's as simple as... 

Approximately 125 hearts + an aching thumb later, I was done. I didn't measure where the hearts would go— I just eyeballed it. And, it's not perfect. But I love it anyway! You could get out a ruler or tape measure & get all precise if you'd like. 
I love how the repetitive pattern makes it look like wallpaper. I even cut out portions of the heart, as necessary, where the wall ended, or to go around the thermostat/light fixture.
Even though I have fairly uneven/bumpy walls, I haven't had any problems with the hearts falling off.
There are so many patterns & colors of contact paper to choose from, too.
Hearts not your thing? What about a giant chevron pattern? Or polka dots? Or moustaches? Or stars? 
You get the idea.

Happy peeling & sticking!


  1. I love this...and I even have some of that very same wood grain contact paper left over from lining the shelves :)

    1. Well, then get to it! ;)
      My favorite is that this project was free. Woohoo!

    2. I love this too - ooh the possibilities!

  2. Hi Nikki,

    Very cool! Wouldn't mustaches be too cute in a boy's room?!?



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