Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Give a kid some cardboard.

All summer my girls have been making cardboard houses. Miniature getaways for their dolls & tiny toys. The tiniest house (in the very last photo) is only 4 inches tall. 
One home came complete with a safety pin chain-link ladder. Another has yarn "ropes" to climb to the top, with encouraging words written along the wall: "If you climb to the top, you're awesome." & then: "You're almost there."
Oodles of  hot glue sticks were harmed in the making of these cardboard houses. Markers, paint, craft foam, magazine cutouts, colored paper, stickers, duct tape...the girls used anything they could get their hands on.
New splotches of permanent paint on the tabletop prove their creative efforts all season long. 
No instructions needed. In fact, no rules allowed.
Without hesitation they create. Invent. Build.
They made magic from scraps.  

Give a kid some cardboard...


  1. I just showed these to my 5 year old. They blew her mind. In a good way. I think she is inspired!! Your family is awesomely creative.

  2. What creative and imaginative girls you have.....


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