Friday, October 10, 2014

DIY: Glitter & Bejeweled Spider Rings

I love the creative process. Lately I've been crafting behind the scenes, prepping for my month-long Crafty Christmas Countdown on the blog, (to begin Black Friday & run EVERY DAY through Christmas Eve!) & so I'm making & making & making stuff all day. Every day. Random ideas for a project will pop into my head & I just run with it. It's so fun when that happens! Today, while working on Christmas crafty stuff, this Halloween spider ring idea popped into my brain. It's a bit chaotic in the WhiMSy love house. You should see the dining table. Let me rephrase that: You CAN'T see the dining table. Stuff everywhere. The Mr. loves it. (Not.)
This project is so simple. So easy. Like, it'll take you minutes to complete. And your daughters will fight over which ones are their favorites.

**I realize that most spiders have 8 eyes. But CRAFTY spiders, you see, have however many eyes you want them to have. So there.

 •The glitter is from EK Success, & it is AWESOME!
•I went to Goodwill & found the rings. I got a bajillion for 88cents!
•The artwork in the background is from a little Pazely girl. I love the fanged creatures!

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