Tuesday, November 18, 2014

DIY: Balloon Advent Calendar

Welcome to a preview of the Crazy Crafty Christmas Coundown! Yes, that's what I have decided to call this. It was either that or The Do It Yourself Crafty Christmas Countdown Blog Extravaganza. (Or T.D.I.Y.C.C.C.B.E. for short.)

I'm soooooo excited to share with you an array of original projects & activities, just in time for Christmas. Every day, from November 29 through Christmas Eve, I'll be posting a handmade tutorial on this here blog. 
Yes, you heard me right: EVERY. DAY. 
That's a total of 27 projects!
I hope it makes you oh-so-happy. I hope you comment & share & pin. I hope you are inspired. 

This first project HAD to be an advent calendar. I love advent calendars. And surprises. And the countdown to Christmas. This year, due to family budget cuts, I thought I'd skip the prizes usually found inside our advents, & stick with surprising the children with special outings, & making messes in the kitchen, & creating memories as a family, & the like. 
And though "balloons popping" is on my top ten list of things that scare the bajeezies out of me, I obviously made an exception. As long as the children give me fair warning, it's all good.

*On a side-note: I added the numbers onto the balloons in that first picture with a photo editing program. The lighting was horrible & washed out my hand-drawn digits. 

The prizes listed in the SUPPLIES are definitely optional. If you do choose to add prizes to your balloons, make sure they are teeny-tiny. (The necks of the balloons are tricky to stretch.)

Besides the ideas listed in the picture above, here are some other activities I will be surprising the girls with in their advent balloons. (I tried to think of things that were free or almost free.)
• Tonight: stay up as late as you want!
• Breakfast in bed!
• We're heading to the park with a cozy blanket & a thermos of hot cocoa!
• Pajama's. All day.
• On today's agenda: Make an ugly Christmas sweater.
• Let's go visit some reindeer! (A local gardening center showcases reindeer every year. Check for local free fun things in your area!)
• Dinner for breakfast. Breakfast for dinner.
• Let's make our own marshmallows!
•We're surprising a neighbor with some holiday treats!

This tip is not necessary, but I found it useful so I didn't schedule appointments or meetings on days when the advent read "Grab a jacket. We're going to the movies!" And also, so I could remember when it was that I planned a special "Fancy tea with Mimi". You get the idea. 

Gather your advent balloons in neat little rows as I have. Or string them in a cluster, hang them across a room like a garland, or toss them in a basket.
Happy counting down!


  1. This is such a cute idea! I especially like how easy it is to put it all together. I love advent calendars too, but often times the date sneaks up on me and I run out of time to put one together.

    We did a "balloon pinata" at Juniper's birthday last year. (Every kid got to pop a balloon in the cluster.) So I definitely know how hard it is to stick prizes in balloons!!

  2. I love this idea of using balloons for an advent calendar. It's a great project and very original.

  3. Love this! I make an advent calendar every year for my daughter and this is a great one!


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