Sunday, November 30, 2014

DIY: Safety Pin Pins

This project requires you to pull out that giant glass jar of things I like to call "bits & baubles". Oh, you don't have one of those? Mine is an old massively large pickle jar. A friend gave it to me, filled with goat's milk. (Such a random tidbit to include in this crafty post. haha!) It is now filled with a mess of broken necklaces & bracelets, earrings with lost mates, brooches with missing gemstones, outdated accessories, pearls that have lost their lustre, & lots of shiny, bedazzled jewels. 
The trick to this project is purchasing inexpensive safety pins—the kind sold at dollar stores. They are very easy to work with & require less manipulating with pliers than some safety pins I've purchased from craft stores. 

Be careful when making this project. There's the whole "prick your finger" aspect. 
Dump your supplies on the table & start creating! You're basically a jewelry designer now. Have at it & show your style!

Here are examples of other Safety Pin Pins, with a quick how-to described in each slide. The first two samples do not require you to untwist the safety pin at all—just leave it as is!

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