Wednesday, December 10, 2014

DIY: Art Swap

Pazely & I were home alone for the evening. Freshly showered & in her jammies, she asked what she always asks when their is a lull in her routine, "What are we gonna do now, mom?" (I always joke about moms being unpaid entertainment directors. But it's true. It really is.) We decided to do something creative together. She loves sketching & drawing & making stuff with mommy. So I set up the table with fresh watercolor paper, clean bowls of water, & our mug of paintbrushes, which has found a permanent resting place beside the kitchen sink these days. I also gathered watercolors, pencils, erasers, & even a bright desk lamp for the most suitable lighting.

This was the first part of the plan: Draw something awesome!
This was the second part of the plan: Swap pictures!

So first we secretly drew our masterpieces. (OK, I peeked. But only once.) 

We had a big "reveal" where we showed our sketches to each other, one at a time. This photo is blurry, but that girl had the biggest grin on her sweet freckled face. It was so fun presenting our drawings. We squealed. We giggled.

Then came "the swap". We traded pictures because we thought it would be fun to mix things up. (We thought this would be a fun activity to do with a small group of friends, too!)

I am a big fan of Pazely's artwork. And I am so in love with this picture she drew.

Here is my drawing that Pazely got to paint.

We couldn't WAIT to start painting!
That girl of mine smiled—the whole time. This was WAY more fun than we had anticipated. In fact, we agreed that it was probably one of the most fun things we've ever done together.

I am not a professional watercolor artist. Neither is Pazely. (But we have big imaginations & a few other necessary supplies.) In the future, we'd love to take some art classes to learn a few tips & tricks. But until then, we're just gonna pretend like we know what we're doing.
Give this a go with your littles! Make some hot cocoa, listen to your favorite tunes while doodling & painting—& cherish the time together.

Sketched by Pazely. Painted/inked by Mommy.

Sketched by Mommy. Painted/inked by Pazely.

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  1. This is the sweetest idea! Definitely saving this one for the future. (The grumpy glue makes me giggle!)

  2. Cool :) Great idea and I find that your skills at watercolouring are quite good :) (yours and Pazely's!)

  3. What a terrific idea. I have to agree Pazley's artwork is wonderful...I love the little face in the tree and the big leaf floating down. Beautifully coloured too. Your work is such fun too....with all those wonderful smiley faces.

  4. Those are amazing! I would totally frame them


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