Friday, December 5, 2014

DIY: Cardboard Tray

Do you hoard cardboard boxes, stacking them in every corner of your creative space, thinking, "I can make something with these someday!" No? Well, I...have a friend who does.

This project is all about recycling & repurposing. And it's so simple!
Perfect for setting out Santa's cookies on Christmas Eve, or for a lovely after-school snack. Neatly contain your latest crafty project in this tray. My youngest kidlet plops on the couch & uses it to hold her Legos while she plays.
I will even let you serve me breakfast in bed on this tray. (Side-note: The cutout handles are pretty much for decoration. Don't rely on them to carry a whole pile of heavy stuff. Because, if you got fresh-squeezed orange juice {with no pulp} & homemade French Toast {smothered in powdered sugar + butter, please} all over my carpet, that would just be bonkers.) 

The Crazy Crafty Christmas Countdown is a D.I.Y. project every day from Black Friday through Christmas Eve.
So be sure to check back often!
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