Sunday, December 14, 2014

DIY: Cone + Cookie Tree

I bought a treat for myself one day. Pirouette cookies from Pepperidge Farm. I love those things, & it had been YEARS since I had any. A quiet moment away, all by myself, with a cup of hot tea + a pirouette is a perfect escape for me.  
I decided how unfortunate it was that my girls had never eaten these cookies before. I resolved it was time to share an extra special snack with them, so I retrieved two cookies from my secret stash in the first set of kitchen cupboards on the left, above the Keurig, middle shelf, right-hand side, behind all the mugs. The girls gobbled the cookies down. Like animals. They went ga-ga over these chocolate-filled rolled wafers. Like obsessive little sugar monsters, demanding more, moRE, MORE! 
My secret stash was soon made public. The gig was up. Crikey!

I just want my own cookie-filled tin. I don't want to share anymore. 
mine, miNE, MINE!

*deep cleansing breath*

So, um, yeah, this project. One day my kids were eating MY cookies *wimpers* + some plain ice cream cones (I know: weirdos) when all of a sudden the 12-year old declared, "It's a tree, mom!" Thus a project in the Crazy Crafty Christmas Countdown was born. (Zoey wanted to make sure she got proper credit.) 
Not only are these super quick to make, but my girls thought it was fun to create edible art. Especially Pazely. 
*Note to self: buy more sprinkles.* 

Here are the supplies you'll need to make your own...

If you're doing this with kids, you might want to stick the cookie to the graham cracker on your own, ahead of time. The chocolate takes about 20-30 minutes to set up well before you can add the cone. And little ones might not be patient enough to wait.

Keep these as decorations, or eat them as a snack!

The Crazy Crafty Christmas Countdown is a D.I.Y. project every day from Black Friday through Christmas Eve.
So be sure to check back often!
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