Monday, December 1, 2014

DIY: Craft Foam Animal Silhouette Art

This idea was actually inspired by a project my daughter made a few years ago. (See the very last photo in this blog post for reference.) Zoey made an oval plaque of purple & yellow with craft foam. And in the middle was a blue silhouette of her favorite animal at the time: a horse. I loved it! Her silhouette immediately made me think of the traditional art form made popular in the 18th century, using people as the subjects. Only hers was an animal. So clever! I kept her crafty artwork, knowing I'd make a project like it some day. And, well, today is that day. 

(For reference, the large deer silhouette foam plaque is about 9-inches tall.)

Hang your foam Animal Silhouette Art with poster putty.

I also tried out the animal silhouettes on scrapbook papers & old book pages. My animal-loving 10 year old is going to LOVE these!

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