Tuesday, December 2, 2014

DIY: Deer Cameo Pin

Consumed by all things crafty lately, my world has been about making, making, making. Having this intentional month of projects to work on for the blog has been so much fun. I wanted a good handmade challenge. My brain has been working overtime, trying to dream up & design new crafty goodness. I'm an inventor of sorts I suppose you could say. All us passionate-handmade-types are. And I always have a notepad on hand because I never know when an idea will hit me. Seriously, it is so random sometimes. But I have learned to just accept what pops in my head & GET IT ON PAPER.
I love the creative process. One idea spurs another idea, & one simple spark of creativity starts generating even more creativity. It's so interesting to see where the journey takes you.

This Deer Cameo Pin is an example of one idea morphing into another. (And it's one of my faves!!) Remember yesterday's Craft Foam Animal Silhouette Art? This pin is a tiny version of the silhouettes, & it TOTALLY reminds me of a modern version of a cameo. I am so in love with it.

I cannot stop gushing over these.
We're only 4 projects into the Crazy Crafty Christmas Countdown. Are you loving it?!

The Crazy Crafty Christmas Countdown is a D.I.Y. project every day from Black Friday through Christmas Eve.
So be sure to check back often!
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