Wednesday, December 17, 2014

DIY: Finger Knitted Trees

I learned to finger knit 4 years ago. My girls learned right along with me. (Finger knitting is a GREAT activity for kids!) It's a relaxing process to me. Brainless. Monotonous. But in a good way. 

When finger knitting, there's always the question of: "What do I do with all this stuff I just finger knitted?" I call that stuff a "chain". Once you learn to finger knit, you'll have loads of soft, fuzzy chain everywhere. It will literally take over your house.

It's always fun to find a new project to make to help tame the piles of chain. And I hope you like this holiday tree display, made from long chains of finger knitting.

Here are the supplies you'll need...

If you're new to finger knitting, here's a quick video tutorial I made!

A few tips: 
* As I wrapped + glued the cones, I would stop occasionally to do a quick wrap of the remaining finger knitted chain, all the way to the top, checking to see if my length was still accurate. You may need to adjust how tight or loose you are pulling as you go to get it to fit the correct length. I know it's annoying, but there's no real easy way to measure the exact amount of finger-knitted chain you'll need for this project due to the fact that the chain is stretchy, AND it all depends on what kind of yarn you use, too.

* You can certainly start this project by beginning the gluing/wrapping from the top & working your way down. Starting at the bottom was simply my preference.

* To get rid of all the little fine glue gun bits that will, inevitably, appear all over your tree as you work, use a hair dryer on a hot setting.

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