Thursday, December 11, 2014

DIY: Gift Logs

I LOVE wrapping presents. Especially when what I'm wrapping can be put in a box. And then I get perfect corners. 
*happy sigh*
But sometimes I come upon a rather unusually shaped gift, & a box just won't do. 
*dissatisfied grumble*
Introducing..."The Gift Log". It's made from a round oatmeal container. You simply pop off the top, stuff your weird-shaped present inside (carefully, of course), replace the lid, & you're done!
Who needs wrapping paper & tape & bows when you can have....The Gift Log!
*happy sigh once again*


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  1. I wouldn't want to open it! :)

  2. Awesome idea for odd sized gifts! And the best thing is they are reusable! :) I used to work in a Hallmark store where we did complimentary gift wrapping... these cookie sticks in a cylindrical can were a popular gift item but horrible to wrap! I would roll paper around leaving excess on both ends and tie the ends off with ribbons - looked like a giant piece of candy! :)


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