Sunday, December 7, 2014

DIY: I Spy Game

You know those hidden searches in the Highlights magazine? They are my fave. My girls & I love the "I Spy" books, too. I decided to put together my own I Spy game for my kiddos, who will be starting Christmas break in a couple of weeks. Not only is it a fun way to pass the time, but I'm hoping it might even spur them to make their own I Spy games.
I-Spy-Palooza, here we come!

The fun thing about making your own I Spy game is that you can customize it to your child. I did a purple one for Pazely because that's her favorite color. (Plus, the monochromatic theme makes finding things a bit more tricky!)

I spy...
• 3 hearts
• 8 eyes
• The letter “W” ( 3 of them)
• a cupcake
• 4 colored pencils
• a squirrel sticker
• 11 buttons
• 3 bottles of glitter
• a purple crayon
• 3 Sharpies
• 3 spools of thread

Make the I Spy game right on your dining table & let the kids have a go at spying the items on your list. Or, take a photo & create a digital album of I Spy games the kids can play at the computer. Another option is to print actual photos of your I Spy game.

Here are some tips for making your own I Spy game:
• Gather items from around your house.
• If you wish, lay down a paper background, something that goes along with your theme.
• Though it might look like everything was thrown together, every item has been carefully & strategically placed. Take your time to display the objects you've chosen.

If taking photos of your I Spy game:
• Find an area by a nice window with indirect sunlight for taking a photo.
• Not only did I have a nice window to my right, but I grabbed a nice bright lamp to shine on the left of my photo, eliminating as many shadows as possible.
• Jazz up the colors, etc. in a photo editing program & save the photos on your computer.

(Ok, so this one is a wee bit more difficult.)
I spy...
· 2 roses
· 2 bows
· 2 necklaces
· 5 bottles of fingernail polish
· A frog
· A paper airplane
· 5 thumbtacks
· 2 monsters with googly eyes
· A library book
· A window
· 2 owls
· Mini Mt. Dew
· 2 sets of teeth

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  1. So fun and I LOVE the purple one!

  2. Love this idea! My daughter loves the I Spy board books right now. It would be fun to make her an I Spy game of some of her favorite things! :)


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