Saturday, December 13, 2014

DIY: Peel & Stick Tree Wall

With a recent move, it broke my crafty heart to have to tear down my peel & stick heart wall. It was one of my favorite things ever! Have you seen the 12-second timelapse video I made with my mom? It's my fave too. Watch it HERE.

Anyway, the fam & I are in a new temporary home, where grandmother used to live. It is still filled with love & warmth & happiness. And her old sofa & puffy recliner.

Unpacking AND Christmas? We've done it before. It ain't no thang. (I lied. Yes, it is a thang.) I had to borrow a Christmas tree because my lovely pink Christmas tree decided this was the year to die. She literally started having a meltdown. And I am sad. But half the family hated that tree anyway, so they are not sad. This new borrowed tree is a lot smaller, so I chose only a few select ornaments. I put out only a handful of decorations too: my favorite vintage deer collection, old Christmas-themed school artwork from the girls (which I realized is all from Pazely, so now Zoey is certain that Pazely is my favorite, & I feel like a horrible mother), a Santa mouse music toy I remember as a kid, & a light-up S'mores lamp.

There hasn't been time to hang artwork, so the walls are mostly bare. Which made me think up this Peel & Stick Tree Wall idea.
This is such an easy way to make your space all dapper for the holidays. 
Or just for always. 
Because I'm totes keeping those trees up all year.

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  1. Very cute and I really feel like I need to see this smores lamp you speak of...very intriguing....


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