Thursday, January 22, 2015

Public Service Announcement

 The 10-year old started using deodorant last week. She brought up the idea of wearing it, after presenting me with exhibit A: her smelly pits. PHEW! I had no idea. Just FYI (& I know you know this): a lot of kids stink. And we need to help them not grow up to be stinky adults. So, here's a friendly Public Service Announcement: Parents, PLEASE, smell your kids' pits. And then take action. Seriously. It starts at home. We can end this war on odor.

Monday, January 19, 2015

DIY: Label Quote Art with Brother P-Touch Label Maker

I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Brother and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are my own.
 My old-school label maker (you know, the one with the clickety-clack rotation dial that slightly resembles the Starship Enterprise?) has a permanent shrine-like place of residence in my crafty room. I love label makers. Like, LOVE. And when this super duper fancy Brother P-Touch label maker showed up on my doorstep, I started drooling all over the buttons. (So many delicious buttons!) And then I was like, "Mommy's got a new toy." And then my 12-year old was like, "Can I have it, mom?!" And I was like, "No." And then she begged, "Please? Plea-eeeeeeese?!?!" And then I transformed into the Gollum character & started hissing things about my preciousssssss label maker. 
She got the hint. 
I do let her borrow the label maker on occasion. But only if she answers a riddle first.

 So, um, I've just found out that January is National Get Organized Month. Which is why I've chosen to create an art project with my label maker. No, for real, this is an organizational project. Of sorts. 

This project is inspired by two of my favorite things (besides label makers): funny things my kids have said, & their adorable artwork.
I have tried my bestest to jot down silly things my girls have said throughout the years. I chose a few of my favorites for this D.I.Y. tutorial. I even snuck in a quote from my niece, Abby, & another from the Mr. 

And what parent doesn't have gobs of their kids' art from school, piled in nooks & hiding in crannies? Seriously, how many layers of this stuff can one fridge handle?  I'm always trying to find something creative to do with that artwork before it gets "lost". So, see, this will help you pull out that mess of masterpieces & get them sorted immediately! So, first things first: pick out your favorites, & when the littles aren't looking, gently place the rest of the pile in the "recycle bin". 
*wink, wink*

(OK, is that mean? Because, I think I share the same dilemma as every parent out there. How many construction paper portraits can one family handle??!? If I see one more craft with cotton balls, I'm gonna scream. For the love of crayons, people, I can't handle the production! The supply vs. demand is way off balance here. The refrigerator is crying for help. I swear I heard it weep the other day.)

Besides the Brother P-Touch label maker, you'll need that artwork from your kids
OR, if you want to create some new artwork, then grab a blank canvas + art supplies. (I chose to do some watercolor paintings as gifts.) But you can draw with colored pencils, crayons, ink, or pastels. Or paint with oils or acrylics, too. Whatever medium you choose, pick the appropriate drawing/painting surface.
You'll also need scissors.

Create a new masterpiece or find a treasured art project from that pile we mentioned earlier. 

Next, you're ready to print out your quote. If you don't have a quote from your kids, find a quote from your favorite author or philosopher. When you're ready to print you'll find different fonts to choose from on the Brother P-Touch label maker. You can also adjust the size & width of the font, add borders or symbols, print horizontal or vertical, save label designs for future's so much fun!

When your artwork is dry, position the words or phrases on the page until you get it exactly how you like it. (Cut the words or phrases with scissors to fit your design.) THEN, when it looks just right, peel off the paper backing & stick the labels onto the art.

 One of the best things about the labels is how they peel off the paper backing. Not gonna lie: Before I read the directions, I spent 5 minutes trying to get the paper backing off those labels. But then I realized if you fold the label in half the long way, the paper backing comes off in two little strips! So easy. And quick!

 Frame the Quote Art, or slap it on the wall all artsy-ish with washi tape.
I had fun playing around with both the acid-free clear label tape AND the white tape. 

Brother is giving away a P-Touch label maker every day in January, as well as a Grand Prize pack worth up to $2000. Click HERE to find out more—& enter to win!

To find a label maker that's just right for you, visit Brother's product selector HERE.

For inspiration on how the Brother P-Touch Label Maker can help you get organized in every room of your home, check them out on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and YouTube!  

Oh, & to humor us, take a peek at the stop-motion video my 10-year old & I made, using the Brother P-Touch label maker:

Friday, January 9, 2015

The Daily Banana

If you follow the WhiMSy love Facebook page, or Instagram feed, you already know about "The Daily Banana".
You see, Pazely is obsessed with the word "banana". Lately, she says it all the time.
Me: "Hi, Pazely!"
Pazely: "Banana."

Me: "What do you want for breakfast, Pazely?"
Pazely: "Banana."

Me: "How was your day at school today?"
Pazely: "Banana."

Everything is "banana". She is a little weirdo & I love her.

Our close neighbors, who happen to be my parents/Pazely's Mimi + Papa, are away on a road trip. To be funny, Pazely & I sent them a few "banana" messages. You know, so they feel connected & don't miss home so much.  They've heard "banana" as much as I have, & we don't want them to miss that either. Every morning they open up their email & have a banana surprise: a photo, a video, a picture... (We think we are hilarious.)
Three days in, I had the idea to ask Pazely if she wanted to turn this into a year-long project. I mean, we were having so much fun doing this, why not? She thought it was a pretty cool idea.
Her exact response? 
Of course.

Just yesterday, we made this quick 6-second stop-motion video before school.
(The doodling is all Pazely. The ukulele is all me.)

I'm giddy because it gives us a chance to hang out & do something creative together.

Anyway, you know how when you get a new car, you start to see that same car everywhere? Or if you get a short hair cut, you notice everyone else's short hair? Stuff like that. Well, let me just tell you something. There are bananas EVERYWHERE.

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Monday, January 5, 2015

Week in Review: December 29-January 4

My eyeballs are currently burning. On fire. I think they're mad at me for opening them. Seriously, naptime is a must for this girl today. After a 2 week vacation from school, it's time to give up the lazy, the dilly-dallying, the sleeping in, the "Q: What are we going to do today? A: Whatever we want!" attitude, & get back to routine + early mornings. (Waaaahhhh!)

The girls & I squeezed every bit of happy we could out of winter break. Just last night the girls bought those loom band things with cash earned from raking leaves. So far, I have made a purple dress charm, a moustache charm & a bow charm. Pazely keeps asking for her loom back, but I'm having too much fun! 
We painted nails.
We played games. Checkers,  Connect Four, & Tenzi, to be exact. 
We built snowmen. They died the next day. Darn Chinook. And my buns are totally feeling that workout! Making snowmen is a lot of work, I'll have you know.
We taped our faces. HAHA! Who knew a roll of tape could provide so much entertainment. Sadly, the Mr. wanted no part of the tape shenanigans. 
We doodled. 
With visiting cousins we took a hike (& the children, while climbing "mountains" --which were just piles of dirt & rocks--all declared: "This is better than a Narnia adventure!"), watched movies (Heaven is For Real, Dolphin Tale 2, & my FAVE: Box Trolls), went rollerskating, read books, had a sleepover, went out for ice cream, boxed with the Mr, ate SPAM for the first time (my girls' first time), & went on a shopping spree at the dollar store.
We made marshmallows.
We baked.
We made paper snowflakes.
We visited reindeer. And a fake Santa. The line was too long for the real one. A selfie with a Santa statue works in a jiffy!
We crafted.
We had a fancy tea with Mimi.
We visited the library.


Though it was sprinkled with bits of good & amazing & loveliness, I really am glad to see 2014 gone.
2014 was a sad year. A tough year. A trying year. One of my most unfavorite years to date, if you want to know the truth.
I'm hoping things are going to start looking up. At least that's where I'll look. Up.

Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.